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Cyndi Lauper gives a damn. Do you?

Earlier today, Cyndi Lauper and her True Colors Fund launched an innovative new online campaign that includes information, tools and videos about why we should all “give a damn” about LGBT equality . . . including equality for binational families.

The Give a Damn Campaign is focused on getting everyone – and especially straight allies – to take part in advancing LGBT equality. Immigration Equality is proud to be partnering with Cyndi and the Give a Damn Campaign to educate the public about LGBT immigrant families, and provide an all-new set of tools to for our grassroots supporters to use.

“In my life, I’ve crossed paths with many different people, and I’ve seen firsthand what it means to be discriminated against,” Cyndi, who is also currently appearing as a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, said earlier today. “I’ve come to realize equality means a lot to people who don’t have it and that, as a straight person, I have a responsibility to stand up for gay and transgender people each and every day.”

To kick things off, the Give a Damn site already includes news and information on LGBT immigration issues, as well as stories from Immigration Equality spokesfamilies about why they need visitors to “give a damn” about passing LGBT-inclusive immigration reform. In the coming days and months, more content will be added, and we will be working with Cyndi and the Give a Damn team to highlight the stories of our families, and to build new campaigns to end discrimination against LGBT immigrants and their families.

The Give a Damn Campaign has also released a series of videos – featuring people like Cyndi Lauper, Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Mraz, Cynthia Nixon, Anna Paquin, Wanda Sykes, Kim Kardashian and Sharon & Kelly Osburn – about why they all “give a damn” about equality. And keep checking back for new videos specifically about LGBT immigration . . . coming soon!

“We all have to get involved,” Cyndi said. “We all have to give a damn.”