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VIDEO: Prop. 8 ruling puts NOM into a frenzy

(Editor's note: The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) launched its 2010 Summer for Marriage Tour, prompting equality counter rallies by LGBT activists in each city they have visited and plan to visit. We will be sharing video and commentary from the NOM Tour Tracker, hosted by Courage Campaign Institute, in an effort to help shed light on the politics of fear, and the message of intolerance NOM is spreading nationwide.)

Most of the focus yesterday was on the historic Prop. 8 ruling. The NOM Tour Tracker posted commentary available HERE along with the videos we are sharing below.

Maggie Gallagher, a spokesperson for NOM, debates Evan Wolfson, head of Freedom to Marry (a co-sponsor of NOMTourTracker.com) on Anderson Cooper last night:

CNN video of Chad Griffin‘s brilliant speech at the American Foundation for Equal Rights press conference:

“The Moment” the ruling came down outside the courthouse in San Francisco, produced and edited by LGBT rights videographer Sean Chapin: