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Imperial Court de San Diego seeking applicants for Prince and Princess Royale

SAN DIEGO -- The Imperial Court de San Diego is seeking applicants for its Prince and Princess Royale positions, to be elected April 2 at the annual PR Ball.

Imperial Court is known by many as the oldest charitable organization serving the San Diego region, founded in 1971. The organization, which is part of the International Imperial Court System, works to raise money for charitable organizations while raising awareness and education about the LGBT community.

Imperial Court "helps those in our community who are in need - all in the spirit of camp and philanthropy," the organization's website says.

Imperial Court is governed by a board of directors, which includes an Emperor and Empress, as well as a Prince and Princess Royale to preside over each year's reign. The Emperor, Empress, Prince and Princess Royale positions are elected at either the annual Coronation Ball or the PR Ball by a combination of votes from the general public and Court membership. Those elected to the positions are expected to represent the Court and produce fundraiser events, amongst other duties.

Those interested in applying to run for the Prince or Princess Royale position should request an application from board president Linny Thomas by e-mailing nhgbmforu@yahoo.com or calling (619) 403-1858.

There is a $50 fee to apply and the application deadline is March 21. Candidates may begin campaigning once the board receives their application.

Tickets for the PR Ball will be available at the general court meeting on March 16 at The Center or by calling Thomas.

For more information about Imperial Court, click here.