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Eddie Reynoso and Scott Herman Fitness team so far has raised $17K for AIDS/LifeCycle ride

The 10th anniversary of the AIDS/LifeCycle ride has begun, and SDGLN staffer Eddie Reynoso, who is part of the Scott Herman Fitness team, reports that he has met his minimum fundraising goal.

Reynoso has so far raised $2,600 ... though his ultimate hope is to raise $5,000. Donations can be made online throughout the 545-mile bike ride, which began in San Francisco on Sunday, June 5, on the 30th anniversary of the first reported cases of AIDS. The ride will conclude on Saturday, June 11, in Los Angeles.

The Scott Herman team has raised more than $17,000 so far.

More than 2,500 bicyclists and 600 volunteer "roadies" hope to break the $12.3 million fundraising record set in 2008.

Reynoso will update SDGLN readers and his sponsors daily during a conference call from 6:30 to 7:15 pm. Call (712) 451-6100, then dial 715494# to participate.

How to help

To donate to Eddie, visit HERE.

For more information about the race, go HERE.