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HRC releases equality shopping guide in time for holidays

Just in time for your holiday shopping, the HRC Foundation releases its 2012 Buyer’s Guide.

This is the seventh year the HRC Foundation has published the Buying for Workplace Equality guide, which helps consumers harness their buying power to send a message to businesses that they are watching. The LGBT consumer market has proven both savvy and loyal – looking to support businesses that support workplace equality with their $734 billion buying power.

Companies’ updated scores in the 2012 guide reflect the new, more stringent criteria standards that went into effect with the 2012 Corporate Equality Index. Businesses and their products are divided into red, yellow and green sections based on their 2012 CEI rating so that you can easily determine which brands support LGBT workplace equality.

This year, the CEI raised the bar by requiring parity across all benefits offerings (both domestic partner benefits and transgender-inclusive benefits), a ramped up category on internal diversity and inclusion best practices, and furthering the requirements of positive, respectful public engagement with the LGBT community.

If you notice that some of your favorite brands’ scores have dropped from last year, keep in mind the new standards that we held companies to for 2012. While a 100 score remains the gold standard, it is not the sole indication of the importance a business places on LGBT workplace equality. All of our companies in green, scoring between an 80 and 100, have pledge time, energy, and resources to LGBT workplace inclusion, and are committed to continuing their work with HRC to secure a 100 based on the new gold standard.

So this season when you are deciding between shopping at Macy’s or Kohl’s, Home Depot or Lowe’s, we hope that you will use the 2012 Buyer’s Guide as one component when determining if a business’s social practices make it worthy of your dollars.

The Buying for Workplace Equality guide is available online, and the updated 2012 App for iPhone can be found at here.