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aNoteToMyKid.com provides heartwarming messages of love for LGBT people

In searching for a way to give back to the LGBTQ community, Michael Volpatt and I created a aNoteToMyKid.com, a grassroots movement that gives everyone -- parents, family, and friends -- the opportunity to express unconditional love for the LGBTQ people in their lives. The nonprofit's purpose is to remind people that there is a lot of love out there, to bring family and friends closer together, and to give parents and others who may not know how to broach the subject of sexuality an opportunity to learn from example.

The site was inspired when Rosey, a close friend of Michael's, contacted him because her son was coming out of the closet and she wasn't sure how to best deal with it. She asked Michael if she could speak with his mother, Sharon, with the hope that she'd ultimately learn how to be there for her son during his coming out process.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, Michael sent an email to his mom telling her about Rosey's situation and asking if she'd let Rosey call her. Michael's mom replied with the email we posted on aNoteToMyKid.com (see the first slide below), explaining what she would say if Rosey were to call.

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