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Transgender soldier Chelsea Manning to receive female hormones in prison

Chelsea Manning has won the right to take female hormones to transition as a transgender soldier. In a first for the Army, the soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning will be able to fully transition into living as a woman.

Chelsea Manning was formerly known as Bradley Manning. Manning was a whistleblower in the Wikileaks case, in which the Army intelligence analyst gave classified information from about the Iraq War to the news website. She is serving a 35-year sentence in military prison for her role in the massive leak of information.

While she lived as a gay man while she was serving in the Army, Manning came out as transgender in 2013. She sued the Army for the rights to hormonal treatment.

She wrote about the difficulty of being trans in a British newspaper, The Guardian. “For those of us in the military, this civil rights violation of trans people’s basic identity is downright life-threatening.” Manning has also been hired as a correspondent for the newspaper while she is in prison.

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