Gender Politics

#AllLivesMatter Twitter "town hall" meeting today on transgender violence

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission wants a discussion on social media about ending violence against transgender people.

The Twitter "Town Hall" is set for 11 am to noon ET Wednesday, which is 8 am PT.

The commission wants to raise awareness of violence against transgender people and have conversations about ways to end it.

Only 13 states are committed to protecting transgender schoolkids

Barack Obama this month became the first president in U.S. history to use the word “transgender” in a State of the Union address.

“As Americans, we respect human dignity, even when we’re threatened,” he said. “… That’s why we defend free speech, and advocate for political prisoners, and condemn the persecution of women or religious minorities, or people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. We do these things not only because they’re right, but because they make us safer.”

Vatican: Did Pope Francis have private meeting with transgender man?

Pope Francis reportedly held a private audience with a transgender man on Saturday, in what would be another first for his papal record.

Kentucky: Bill fines transgender students in restrooms, locker rooms

FRANKFORT, Kentucky -- In a rebuke to a Louisville high school, a Kentucky lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would ban transgender students from using school restrooms that don't correspond to their anatomical sex. Critics called the bill "ludicrous."

The "Kentucky Student Privacy Act," proposed by State Sen. C.B. Embry Jr., R-Morgantown, also would allow students to sue the school for $2,500 when they encounter a person of the opposite biological sex in a bathroom or locker room if staff have allowed it or failed to prohibit it.

Transgender army officer: I was living lie

A British army officer says she decided to come out as transgender after "living an act" as a man serving on the frontline in Afghanistan.

Capt. Hannah Winterbourne, of the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, said she realized her "body was wrong" at the age of 23 while training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

While the 27-year-old said she feared the reaction, she praised the military for being "very forward thinking."

Pennsylvania: Transgender doctor could make history as physician general

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania -- If selected to served in Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's Cabinet, Dr. Rachel Levine could become the highest-ranked transgender woman in Pennsylvania state government history.

Levine, who transitioned from male to female about five years ago, was announced as Wolf's physician general on Saturday. The physician general position, which was created under former Gov Tom Ridge, must be confirmed by the Pennsylvania Senate.

Two Spirit: The trials and tribulations of gender identity in the 21st century

NEW YORK -- Devin Etcitty, a 21-year-old from the Navajo nation, stood before a circle of 12 Native American students at Columbia University. He asked them to introduce themselves by name, tribal nation and preferred gender pronoun.

Gender identity is a common topic on college campuses these days. But this group’s focus was unusual: how to cope as a Native American gay living off the reservation.

“Do gays here even have an indigenous experience?” Etcitty asked of these New York City newcomers.

New York: Transgender sues prison after sexual assault

ALBANY, N.Y. -- A transgender inmate has sued New York's maximum-security Sullivan Correctional Facility and several staff, saying they were "deliberately indifferent" to her heightened risk for the sexual assault that happened last year.

The federal suit, filed by the Cardozo Civil Rights Clinic on behalf of Leslieann Manning, says she was attacked in an unmonitored classroom by an inmate with a history of violence.

HRC suspends Saks' equality-index score over transgender controversy

WASHINGTON DC - The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) today took the rare step of suspending Saks Fifth Avenue’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) score in light of a transgender controversy involving the retailer giant.

North Carolina: Transgender candidate wants to lead state's Democrats

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Another hopeful to become chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party for the next two years would make history with a victory as a transgender candidate.

Janice Covington Allison of Charlotte confirmed this week she is running for the post when the party's Executive Committee meets next month in Raleigh to vote. Current Chairman Randy Voller isn't seeking re-election.