Hate Crimes

Texas: Transgender woman murdered in Tyler

TYLER, Texas -- Police detectives are searching for clues after a transgender woman was shot to death early Monday morning.

The victim was 24-year-old Ty Underwood.

Investigators say she was found murdered early this morning on 24th Street in north Tyler.

"She was lovely, just a lovely person. Very real, down to earth person who didn't deserve this, did not deserve this at all," Underwood's roommate Coy Simmons said.

Three men sought in hate crime attack on West Hollywood man

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — Deputies sought the public’s help Tuesday in locating three men accused of committing what they called a hate crime that left a 31-year-old man bloodied and needing staples to his scalp.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the attack happened around 2 am Tuesday at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue.

The victim, Don Brooks, said he was walking home alone, after commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day with friends when he became the victim of a hate crime.

Brazil: President seeks to make homophobia a hate crime

BRASILIA, Brazil -- Newly re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff is looking to pass a law that makes homophobia a hate crime, despite Evangelical Christian leaders who are influential with the electorate and in the Congress opposing such a move.

The Brazilian law called the Maria da Penha makes violence against women a crime. President Rouseff has said she would like to create a similar law against homophobia.

Man pleads guilty to stabbing transgender teen in DC

WASHINGTON DC -- A Greenbelt man pleaded guilty Friday in D.C. Superior Court to stabbing a 15-year-old transgender girl on the Metro in July.

Reginald Klaiber, 25, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in the July 30 attack of the youth. Because prosecutors added a hate crime enhancement to the charge, Klaiber faces up to 15 years in prison.

According to prosecutors, Klaiber approached the teen in the Fort Totten station around 4:30 pm and began harassing her asking “Are you a boy, you’re a boy right?” He also asked her why she looked “like a woman.”

California: DA upgrades attack on trans woman to a hate crime

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- The District Attorney's Office has upgraded charges to a hate crime against a man accused of stabbing a transgender woman twice in the chest.

A transgender couple was out on a date late Saturday afternoon when they became the target of a man they said screamed anti-gay, anti-trans slurs at them. The man pulled out a knife and stabbed Samantha Hulsey, a 24-year-old transgender woman. Her partner, Rae Raucci, 52, was unhurt. Hulsey was hospitalized, where she was treated and later released.

California: On a date, transgender couple survive knife attack

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- A transgender couple who were out on a date have survived a knife attack on late Saturday afternoon.

Samantha Hulsey, a 24-year-old transgender woman, was stabbed twice by a man who harassed her and her date, another transgender person, after they debarked from the 49 bus near Van Ness and Golden Gate avenues. Hulsey said the man on the bus verbally harassed them using anti-gay slurs and followed them when they got off the bus.

Macedonia: Hate crimes on LGBT people spark "body bag" protests

SKOPJE, Macedonia -- Human rights activists have held three demonstrations this month in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, protesting the authorities’ failure to respond to several hate crimes in recent years. Macedonia has witnessed six violent attacks on human rights defenders and members of the LGBTI community in the last two years. Police have prosecuted no one for these crimes.

Despite some international support for the victims of these assaults, Macedonian officials and the local mainstream media have yet to take the matter seriously.

Zimbabwe: 35 injured when homophobes attack LGBT group's private party

(Editor's note: GALZ -- Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe -- issued this statement on their website.)

GALZ would like to express dismay and shock at the prevailing climate of violence, harassment and impunity in Zimbabwe. This “campaign of violence” has left us reeling in disbelief. Recently a woman was dehumanized at a commuter omnibus rank, a video circulating on social media depicts a young woman being harassed by men who were attempting to pull down her dress including her undergarments.

FBI investigating gay man's murder for possible civil rights violation

KANSAS CITY, Missouri -- The FBI is investigating the murder of a 22-year-old black man who may have been targeted because of his sexual orientation.

Dionte Greene, who identified as gay, was found shot to death in his still-running car near the intersection of 69th and Bellefontaine in Kansas City, Mo., early Halloween morning.

Bridget Patton, public information officer for the Kansas City division of the FBI, confirmed Greene's murder is being investigated under the federal civil rights statute, which includes bias-motivated hate crimes, to determine if a violation occurred.

Beaten by his church for being gay

“I didn’t think I was going to come out alive.”

This is how 21-year-old Matthew Fenner described to the Daily Beast a torturous two-hour “deliverance” spearheaded by members of his former North Carolina church—The Word of Faith Fellowship. They wanted to expel the demons which they believed caused impure thoughts. Fenner had been openly gay for years.