The Center to offer expanded HIV testing hours

Starting Monday, Feb. 1, the San Diego LGBT Community Center will offer expanded HIV testing hours at their facility in Hillcrest.

Testing will be conducted by staff of The Center who are trained HIV-testing counselors and part of the organization's #BeTheGeneration [to end HIV] team.

Free HIV testing will be offered at The Center during the following times:

Monday-Friday: 9 am to 9 pm (last test at 8 pm)

Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm (last test at 1 pm)

Christie's Place: Empowering women with HIV

“I was a drug addict and a prostitute and I knowingly slept with a man that I knew had AIDS because I wanted to get high.”

That, Jay Blount said, is why she became diagnosed with AIDS 20 years ago. Today, she helps other women living with HIV while working as a peer navigator at Christie’s Place, a nonprofit organization in Bankers Hill.

Women often put the needs of their families before themselves. For females living with HIV, this can be dangerous. “[My job] is about empowering, training and teaching women that they should come first, especially in their health care,” Blount said.

Dining Out For Life 2016 set for April 28

The San Diego LGBT Community Center has announced that the 10th annual Dining Out For Life® will take place on Thursday, April 28.

Dining Out For Life® is designed to fill some of San Diego’s best restaurants and bars – which have generously agreed to donate 25-100 percent of their food and liquor sales on that day – all in support of HIV/AIDS services and prevention programs at The Center. Everyone can participate simply by dining out with family and friends for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner at the participating establishments on April 28.

Free event: 'Early Days of AIDS' at Diversionary Theatre

From that first New York Times article which read “Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals,” in early July of 1981, to the advancements of treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS today, the timeline of the AIDS epidemic is fraught with tragedy and incredible courage.

San Diego’s Lambda Archives will present “San Diego Responds to the Early Days of AIDS,” in Diversionary Theatre’s free continuing series Open Mondays.

Profiles in Advocacy: 2015 Truax Award-winner, Dr. Douglas Richman

The late-December/early-January “Profiles in Advocacy” column tends to be the one closest to my heart, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it marks my column anniversary, as my first piece was written about 2012 Dr. A. Brad Truax Award-winner, Liz Johnson of Christie’s Place.

Secondly, to honor World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) and AIDS Awareness Month (December), I have a tradition of dedicating each year’s issue to the individual honored by the San Diego HIV/AIDS community with that year’s Truax award, given out annually by San Diego County’s Health and Human Services HIV Branch.

A Proclamation on World AIDS Day 2015: By President Barack Obama

More than three decades ago, the first known cases of HIV/AIDS sparked an epidemic in the United States — ushering in a time defined by how little we knew about it and in which those affected by it faced fear and stigmatization.

What Charlie Sheen’s revelation means for HIV stigma in San Diego

Actor Charlie Sheen announced Tuesday that he's been living with HIV for four years.

The revelations were shocking to some. But unlike the AIDS panic in the 1980s and 90s, HIV today isn't a death sentence.

Mama's "Pie in the Sky" fundraiser is a way of giving back to locals in need

It’s that time of year when the aroma of homemade pies fill the air and families come together to celebrate life and unity.

Unfortunately for some in San Diego, that is only a dream. But every year Mama’s Kitchen tries to make it a reality for locals who are restricted by AIDS, cancer or hunger.

Now in its eleventh year Mama’s Pie in the Sky fundraising bake sale reaches out to the public in hopes that they will buy one of their delicious pies supplied by many of San Diego’s finest kitchens.

Coco Peru can't look at anal warts in funny PSA about HPV

The complacent Jewish mother, Coco Peru, gets tested when she speaks to the LGBT community via WehoLife. about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and the anxiety inducing topic of “anal cancer.”

“That bothers me,” Peru says as she interrupts production to speak to the director. “Michael, I explicitly said ‘no anal’ in my contract. I mean you told me you wouldn’t be giving me anymore anal!”

The video is called “The More You Know” and spoofs the old NBC inter-commercial PSA’s of the 80’s.

Sixties anti-gay propaganda film gets a healthy update

In 1961 a black-and-white educational movie, “Boys Beware,” was produced, warning about the then monsters known as homosexuals.

The film follows Lieutenant Williams as he investigates the friendship between a gay older stranger and Jimmy, a naïve teenager who succumbs to the outsider's hypnotic same-sex manipulations. Recently, an update to that film was posted on YouTube.

Director Andrew Putschoegl has taken the premise of the old propaganda film and created one of his own also called “Boys Beware.” However this film is of a different nature.