Marriage Equality

Media urge Supreme Court to allow broadcast coverage of marriage cases

WASHINGTON DC -- A coalition of news media and public interest organizations is calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to break from tradition and allow broadcast coverage of the upcoming arguments in the landmark same-sex marriage cases.

SPLC files ethics complaint against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over pledge to defy federal law and enforce same-sex marriage ban

The SPLC today filed a judicial ethics complaint against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over his public statements urging the governor and Alabama judges to defy federal law and enforce Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriages.

LGBT Americans overwhelmingly support marriage, but some don't

A new study by Pew Research Center shows that LGBT Americans overwhelmingly support marriage equality.

Overall, 93% of LGBT Americans either "strongly favor" or "favor" gay marriage.

But 7% of LGBT Americans oppose marriage equality. A closer look at the breakdown shows the greatest amount of resistance comes from bisexuals, where 8% oppose gay marriage. For gay men, the figure is 4% and for lesbians it is 2%.

Among racial groups, the opposition ranks at 12% for blacks, 7% for Hispanics and 6% for whites.

Greece: Could Syriza party embrace gay marriage?

ATHENS, Greece -- The radical left-wing Syriza party has swept to power in Greece after a dramatic General Election victory.

After this month’s election, the anti-austerity party is set to pick up 149 of the 300 seats in the Greek Parliament with 36.34% of the vote – more than doubling the number of seats it had in 2012.

Syriza is the only Greek parliamentary party to have previously expressed support for same-sex marriage, with new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calling for a number of gay rights reforms in the past.

YouTube Q&A: Obama hopes Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage

WASHINGTON DC -- President Barack Obama said on Thursday he hoped the Supreme Court would issue a ruling that would prevent states from banning gay marriage when it rules on the issue later this year.

The court last week agreed to decide whether states can ban gay marriage. Obama has said previously that he is in favor of allowing same-sex couples to wed.

Lesbian widow sues FedEx for refusing to provide survivor benefits

SAN FRANCISCO, California —The widow of a longtime FedEx employee today sued FedEx for refusing to provide her with federally required spousal pension benefits solely because both spouses were women.

Stacey Schuett and Lesly Taboada-Hall were together for 30 years before they married on June 19, 2013. At the time of Taboada-Hall’s death from uterine cancer, she had been an employee of FedEx for more than 26 years and was fully vested in her pension.

HRC: Charlotte Catholic diocese under fire for terminating gay teacher

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -- The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation is condemning another Catholic school firing of an LGBT employee as evidence of the church’s continuing efforts to keep workers in the closet.

Teacher Lonnie Billiard was fired from Charlotte Catholic High School after announcing on his personal Facebook page last fall that he planned to marry his partner. Billiard had been a teacher at the school for more than a decade, and continued working there as a long-term substitute after he retired in 2012.

Florida: Gay couple among first to transfer deed while married

WINDERMERE, Florida -- Kyle Miller was about to sell his home in Windermere when same-sex marriage became legally recognized in the state.

Overnight, there was another task to perform: the deed required the signature of his husband, Joshua Long.

The two had been married in California back in May 2014, but their marriage wasn’t recognized in Florida until Jan. 6.

“Our title company was working on it, and they pointed out the need for Josh’s signature,” Miller said. “It’s just nice to have everything recognized now, and it actually makes things easier.”

Florida: Gay couple win name dispute, get new driver's licenses

PALM BAY, Florida -- Two gay men from Brevard County who sued the state for refusing to honor their out-of-state marriage and change their names on the driver's licenses on Tuesday won a victory.

Scott Wall-DeSousa and Daniel Wall-DeSousa walked out of the Brevard County Tax Collector's office in Palm Bay with new driver's licenses, each bearing their new hyphenated last name.

Daniel Wall-DeSousa had stopped driving and cut up his license on Nov. 25 after the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles refused to give him a new one with his married name.

Federal ban on gay marriage still casts shadow on many lives

FORT WORTH, Texas -- For Steven Rains, the Defense of Marriage Act is very much alive.

In 2008, Rains and his partner, Donald Condit, drove from Fort Worth, Texas, to the Riverside County town of Hemet, where Condit’s parents lived, to marry during the brief window when California allowed same-sex marriages before voters banned them again under Proposition 8. A federal court overturned that ban in 2010, although it wasn’t until 2013 that the marriages resumed.

“We got in the car and drove,” Rains said. “We didn’t even want to wait a couple of weeks for a decent airline ticket.”