Marriage Equality

Meet the Kansans who bravely fought for gay rights against a formidable conservative movement

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After death, first gay marriage recognized by Florida

On the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that brought marriage equality, Florida also made marriage history. Arlene Goldberg and her late wife, Carol Goldwasser, officially became the first same-sex couple whose marriage is respected by the state.

US District Court Judge Robert Hinkle ruled on Aug. 21, 2014 that Florida’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples was unconstitutional and – despite a stay on his ruling –ordered the State of Florida to issue a new death certificate for Carol Goldwasser, naming Arlene Goldberg, her partner of 47 years, as her wife.

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Keep a sharp eye on Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals gay-marriage cases

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana -- The always controversial, deeply conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will soon take up gay-marriage cases out of Texas and Louisiana, where two district judges came up with diabolically opposite rulings.

Gay group prepares Ireland for “ARMAGAYDDON" in hilarious video

As Ireland prepares to vote on gay marriage, with a referendum scheduled for next spring, one group cheekily asks residents of the Emerald Isle if they are ready for “ARMAGAYDDON."

Irish activist group LGBT Noise, spoofing the ominous TV ads that helped to scare California voters into approving Proposition 8, has released a hilarious video that shows one heterosexual couple barricaded in their home two years after the passage of marriage equality.

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Pennsylvania baker won't serve lesbian brides due to religious beliefs

The owner of a popular Pennsylvania bakery is feeling the heat after reportedly rejecting a lesbian couple's request for a cake.

Bethany and Jennifer Petrich had hoped to order a cake for a forthcoming ceremony to renew their vows from The Cake Pros, a bakery in Schuylkill Haven, but were turned away by owner Lorraine Fleming, WFMZ is reporting.

FMLA rights could change for same-sex married couples

Same-sex married couples could soon qualify for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) even if they reside in a state that legally prohibits gay marriage.

On June 20, the U.S. Department of Labor published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that looks to redefine the term “spouse” to include same-sex couples – a move that has been catalyzed by a 2013 Supreme Court decision (United States v. Windsor) upholding that portions of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) are unconstitutional.

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Gay widower shares heartbreaking story of why he's suing Alabama

No story breaks the heart quite like one about love.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill about whether Alabama is falling behind in the nationwide fight for LGBT equality, the story took a more personal turn.

Paul Hard, an associate professor and department counselor at Auburn University, opened up about how he was denied access to his husband's hospital room after he was killed in a car accident. Hard said he "had to stand and plead to be allowed into his room" but was forbidden because of Alabama's ban on gay marriage.

California: Gay marriages boost number of weddings to near-record high

It was looking like another tough year for the California wedding industry. Through June of 2013, the number of new marriages statewide had fallen by almost 4,000, or 3%, from 2012.

Then the Supreme Court overturned Proposition 8 and allowed gay marriages in California.

After that decision, from July to December, the number of weddings grew by 27,000, or almost 25%, compared to the same period in 2012.

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DOJ plans to fight gay-marriage bans in Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Justice Department is set to urge the Supreme Court to uphold a lower-court ruling and block states from banning same-sex marriage, Attorney General Eric Holder said.

The nation's top law enforcement official's remarks come just days after Utah officials announced they will ask the Supreme Court to overrule a lower court that concluded gay couples can legally marry in the state.

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Gay marriages fueling Palm Springs boom

PALM SPRINGS, California -- Ray Hatfield and Don Watkins’ engagement is no different than any other multinational couple who plan to wed in the United States. Hatfield is Australian and Watkins is American. They plan to wed in Palm Springs in September.

Though until a year ago when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and allowed gay marriage to resume in California, Hatfield could not have secured a fiancé visa from the Department of Homeland Security.

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