'Re-Imagine Normal Street' four-day event in Hillcrest

Normal Street gets closed to traffic and becomes an open space for Re-Imagine Hillcrest on May 12 - 15.

Starting on Thursday, May 12, Fabulous Hillcrest will become a four-day festival of free family fun as Normal Street is closed to traffic, and becomes a free public gathering.  

Harrah’s Resort Southern California wants to give back to the community

Harrah’s Resort Southern California

Harrah’s Resort Southern California is giving away $100,000 to divide between 12 non-profit organizations around San Diego.

The good news is you can vote on where you would like to see the donations go.

“All-in 4 Change” is Harrah’s way of giving back to the people and organizations that do so much for so many.

Painting for SheFest at Gossip Grill on April, 13

Get your paint brushes ready and enjoy an evening of artistic expression for SheFest at Gossip Grill

Let the creative side of you come out on the canvas while raising money for SheFest 2016.

On Thursday, April 13, at Gossip Grill you and your friends are invited to enjoy specialty spirits made from Three Olives Vodka while making a one-of-a-kind masterpiece made by you!

Colors of pride: Non-verbal autistic San Diego artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Autistic San Diego artist sees people as color, gets first gallery show.

Jeremy Sicile-Kira sees the world differently. He goes beyond what is apparent, looking past, if not through, an individual into a different realm, “Truly not their physical body, but everyone's energy around their body is different and that truly has different colors,” he writes.

DIG honors San Diego with special event

DIG is raising funds to develop demonstration and home gardens with Batwa communities in Western Uganda.