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VIDEO: Al Gore tells Californians to say no to Prop 23

With Election Day less than two weeks away, environmental groups and non-profits are rallying against Propostion 23.

Today, former Vice President Al Gore adds his voice to Prop. 23 opposition with a video message to California voters.

Background on AB 32

A landmark law in California called AB 32 has allowed the state to lead the nation in building a clean energy economy. AB 32 requires a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas pollution statewide by 2020. Reducing greenhouse gases lowers the pollution that causes global warming. More than that, it reduces our reliance on dangerous fossil fuels like oil.

The attack on clean energy jobs

Out-of-state oil companies like Valero and Koch Industries have poured millions of dollars into Proposition 23, a proposal on the ballot that would suspend AB 32 until unemployment reaches 5.5% for a full year. Proposition 23 would stop the clock on California’s clean energy economy and keep us dependent on fossil fuels like oil. It would kill America’s best opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs and businesses.

If Proposition 23 passes, clean energy companies will face an unwelcome atmosphere. China is already winning the race to invest in clean energy technologies, taking much-needed jobs overseas. If we remain dependent on fossil fuels like oil, we’ve seen the consequences. We can’t let fossil fuel companies continue to pollute our air and water and endanger our planet. Vote no on Proposition 23.

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