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LETTER TO COMMUNITY: Councilmember Todd Gloria updates constituents


City Council is back in session after a brief break, which ended with an exciting blackout last Thursday. I’ve included some helpful hints for emergency preparedness below. Whether it’s the blackout on your mind or you have a pothole to report, I would love to discuss hot topics with you at the next Coffee with your Councilmember session, scheduled for this Saturday morning in Hillcrest. Please bring your questions, comments and ideas and enjoy casual conversation at a great local business.

Coffee with your Councilmember
Saturday, Sept. 17
10 to 11:30 am
R Gang Eatery
3683 Fifth Ave. in Hillcrest

Join my team for AIDS Walk

San Diegans will take to the streets on Sept. 25 for the 22nd year to raise money to win the battle against AIDS. Please consider joining my team and doing a tremendous amount of good with your Sunday morning. Until there’s a cure, I’ll keep walking! If you can’t participate, donations are also accepted. Full event details are below. Find my team page HERE.

22nd annual AIDS Walk & Run
Sunday, Sept. 25

5K Walk
8:15 am
Balboa Drive and Quince Street

10K Run
8 am
Sixth Avenue and Quince Street

For complete information about the day’s events, visit HERE.

The blackout: A reminder to be prepared for emergencies

Our City employees from all departments and all levels should be recognized for going and above and beyond during and after the blackout.

I want to give a special shout out to our firefighters, police force, emergency medical workers and dispatchers. We all heard a lot of sirens that day and night, and I felt completely confident that our City and our citizens were cared for in a great way.

I’ve heard some resources were short and that our first responders had to get creative with some aspects of their jobs. Again, this speaks volumes about their dedication to their jobs and to the City of San Diego. To them, I say thank you for all you did that day and all you do every day.

With year-round threats of fires and earthquakes, we should all be prepared for emergencies. It was obvious from last week’s widespread blackout that some are more prepared than others. Information about emergency preparedness is available HERE.

Here are some additional items that bear repeating:

-- In any emergency, stay off of the telephone unless it is necessary. Cell phone and traditional phone lines must remain open for emergency workers. Other communication should be done through text and email.

-- If you do not have landline phone access, have an extra cell phone battery and car charger.

-- Call 911 ONLY for emergencies.

-- “Like” local news sites on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for real time updates that may be accessible without television.

-- Have a battery-powered or hand-crank radio at your home and office.

-- Have options to boil water to ensure its safety.

-- If you lose power, food in your refrigerator may be safe for six to 10 hours. Items with high levels of protein may only remain safe for four hours. If in doubt, throw it out.

-- When driving, flashing red or completely dark traffic signals should be treated as stop signs.

-- Always move safely to the right of the road when any emergency vehicle is approaching with lights and sirens.

-- Know where your gas shut off valve is and how to turn it off.

-- Most importantly, stay calm, be patient and care for one another.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve,