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Trump's 'Jam' is pure obsequious entertainment for everyone

In what is sure to be parodied on “The Family Guy” or “Saturday Night Live” in the very near future, Donald Trump’s Jam, a song performed by three little ladies known as the “Freedom Girls” at his Pensacola campaign rally on Wednesday, might go down as one of the oddest efforts at patriotism ever produced.

Not only are the young singers dressed in silken red, white and blue costumes, they have taken the popular World War I and World War II song “Over There” and turned it into an EDM infused march; its only missing component is the unveiling of a giant Trump statue in bronze.

Although nobody in the background watching the performance seems too involved in the number, they begin to clap in sync to lyrics such as,

“Come on boys, take 'em down! President Donald Trump knows how to make America great. Deal from strength or get crushed every time."

Nobody can blame Trump supporters for their dedication to his brand, and Trump himself was probably watching it for the first time.

But when your political ideologies are reduced to a slightly catchy “Good Ship Lollipop” production, one has to wonder where the line between parody and patriotism is drawn.

Here it is: