Was Mother Teresa’s canonization dissed by the Pope?

In canonizing two popes — Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II — who each represent the progressive and conservative wings, respectively, of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has shrewdly bridged the church's theological schism. But Francis has overlooked women in his calculus, including Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Radical right-wing attacks Carl DeMaio

LGBT Weekly Columnist Nichole Murray Ramirez writes: "My message to our GLBT community is to learn about Carl and his pro-equality record yourself and not believe everything many partisan left wing Democrats are trying to peddle and sell."

Donald Sterling, Brendan Eich and how homophobia gets a pass

Condemning a bigot is OK, but not so for homophobes? The double standard is explored in this provocative column by Michelangelo Signorile in HuffPost Gay Voices!

The Blog: What about NBA's homophobe owner?

While a racist in their midst deservedly gets the boot, the NBA and its players paid no attention when one of its owners gave half a million dollars to an anti-gay group, defended it and, despite a tepid boycott effort, went along his merry way without any consequence.

AFA leader: "7 careers Christians may no longer hold" because of gay advocates

Though his organization has become notorious for its anti-gay proclamations, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon has sparked the ire of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community once again after sending a bizarre email which claimed that the list of careers that Christians can hold is "shrinking" because of "homosexual aggression."

LGBT blogger condemns NOM attack on Carl DeMaio

LGBT blogger David Cary Hart reacts to this week’s anti-gay attack on congressional candidate Carl DeMaio of San Diego by the anti-gay hate group the National Organization for Marriage with this piece titled “Carl DeMaio scares the crap out of NOM – and for good cause.” Here is his blog.

Tyler Clementi's mom: Churches should love all God's children equally

Today's church, the Body of Christ, is at a crossroads. Some denominations are trying to wear an accommodating mask under the guise of phrases like "hate the sin but love the sinner," but upon closer examination, we see that these words have a less-than-Christlike tone.