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Op ed: You count at Diversionary

"A lot has changed for the LGBT community since Diversionary was founded 28 years ago. I’m honored to say that we’ve played a part in that change. With your support, we will continue Diversionary’s time-tested legacy of producing important, thought-provoking, and refreshing LGBT theatre for many years to come!"

COMMENTARY: Where has West Hollywood's gayborhood gone?

We build communities with a cool gay vibe, and people from all over come to visit us, intrigued by our lifestyle. Eventually, new money pours in, and the gayborhood becomes the “gay-friendly” neighborhood.

Irene Monroe: Finding "home" for the holidays

Let us make home, if not with biological family, then certainly with beloved friends. To Christians and non-Christians alike, let us find home for the holidays.

Irene Monroe: What’s in a greeting?

One would think that an all-inclusive seasonal greeting emblematic of our nation’s religious diversity would be embraced by us all with two simple words: Happy holidays!

LGBT rights: The fight's not over

We may think we're on the road toward full equality, but midterm losses indicate that much work still needs to be done.