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Irene Monroe: A road map beyond Black History Month

As we celebrate Black History Month in 2015, in what is clearly not the post-racial era many had hoped for, I wish as a nation we begin an honest talk about race.

Dr. Ben Carson, what role would you have played in "Selma," the movie?

The Rev. Gil Caldwell, who participated in the civil-rights movement, poses this fascinating question: How does gifted, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson view the civil rights movement and what role might he have played in the film "Selma"?

The time my boss outed me

Embarrassed, humiliated, shocked and even shamed. Those are some of the emotions I felt when my jackass of a boss outed me many years ago.

Warning! Why executions of "gays" may not be what they seem

IGLHRC and MADRE caution concerned members of the media, representatives of foreign governments and people of conscience generally in the strongest possible terms against assuming that the men identified as ‘gay’ and against assuming the men engaged in homosexual acts.