Irene Monroe: The stigma of black suicide is killing us

I can identify at least five factors contributing to suicide in communities of African descent which, for the most part, go unaddressed: untreated mental illness, homophobic bullying, religion, “cop-assisted suicide” and the “strong black woman syndrome.”

Religious Discrimination 101

How freedom of religion is being distorted and exploited to further a homophobic agenda.

Susan Jester commentary: There they go again, San Diego!

"I say shame on you Scott Peters and your partisan supporter Susan Atkins for your dishonesty and your cowardice in misrepresenting the facts about DeMaio’s record and person," Susan Jester writes.

History’s answer to the caterwaul of the contemptible

Some days, there seems no succor against the raging ignorance that plagues the United States. But others, there’s hope, and today, history has an answer: hearing loss.

Irene Monroe: Celibacy is the new ex-gay ministry

The theological message that homosexuality is an abomination to God and is a sin remains intact, but more emphasis is now placed on celibacy instead of conversion therapy.

#BeTheGeneration that ends HIV/AIDS

We can #bethegeneration that ends HIV/AIDS as an epidemic-level illness in San Diego. We can commit to the strategies that will reduce new cases in San Diego to zero.