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Q&A: How to tackle the backlash against gay rights?

Almost 2.8 billion people are living in countries where identifying as gay could lead to imprisonment, corporal punishment or even death. In stark contrast, only 780 million people are living in countries where same-sex marriage or civil unions are a legal right.

Screen Scene: Help an author out

Our Screen Scene columnist has a sequel novel out, and he needs your help nominating the book for Kindle Scout. Find out how you can be his knight in shining armor.

Commentary: Elton John on the unfinished fight against AIDS

"We need the same coalition that brought about marriage equality — from gay activists, human rights champions and social justice advocates to legal experts and courageous policy makers — to address the spiraling AIDS crisis again."

Irene Monroe: Confronting echoes of the AIDS hysteria as we battle Ebola

The unrelenting tenacity of the Ebola virus - like HIV/AIDS - has taught us much about the preciousness of life, and about the various faces - across race, class and gender, country and continent - who wore and continue to wear the face of this disease.

Fearing blacks and gays

"The defense of 'traditional marriage' is not unlike the defense of 'traditional segregation'..."