Massachusetts isn’t Mississippi, but we too have no trans accommodation bill

Massachusetts may not be as progressive as one would like to believe.

Mississippi and North Carolina can now be added to the list of states codifying transgender discrimination.

To date, only seventeen states across the country have passed non-discrimination bills protecting transgender citizens in public spaces. Shockingly, Massachusetts isn’t one of them.

Mississippi may look like Bart Simpson, but not as clever

Mississippi looks just like Bart Simpson, but not as progressive

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has made it official. On Tuesday, he signed into law making it legal for businesses and organizations to refuse service to LGBT people based on the institution’s religious beliefs.

This also allows businesses to sanction bathroom access, dress codes, grooming and public changing facilities.

Que(e)rying Harper Lee

Scout’s tomboyiness and Dill quasi- effeminate mannerism inextricably connected LGBTQ readers to the novel.