Tyler Clementi's mom: Churches should love all God's children equally

Today's church, the Body of Christ, is at a crossroads. Some denominations are trying to wear an accommodating mask under the guise of phrases like "hate the sin but love the sinner," but upon closer examination, we see that these words have a less-than-Christlike tone. How can love be a sin? The "sin" here is love, a love that people have no choice about. My hope and prayer is for the church to fully embrace all LGBTQI people.

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How a gay Ugandan teen was thrown out of his home, arrested and tortured

A few weeks ago, I told the story of a teen named Corey who was driven from his birth home when his parents found out he was gay, and into the arms of a loving home that rescued him. His unique story was read widely and shared by tens of thousands of people. Sadly, the thing that made Corey’s story unique was not that it happened, but that it happened and he got rescued.

A tale of three bishops

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Commentary: The "down low" sex life of Jesus comes to light

While many biblical scholars have ignored non-canonical texts like the gnostic and apocryphal gospels that suggested Jesus had a wife, they are now not ignoring the 2012 discovery of a faded fragment of papyrus that suggest he did.

According to this month's New York Times article, "Papyrus Referring to Jesus' Wife Is More Likely Ancient Than Fake, Scientists Say" the papyrus is now known as the "Gospel of Jesus's wife."

This discovery, however, disrupts the Christian church’s depiction of Jesus for many reasons.

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Open letter to Pope Francis on LGBT homeless youth

Your Holiness,

I write to you as a Roman Catholic, a former Benedictine monk and as a gay man who has spent over 30 years serving the homeless, first as a member of the Catholic Worker Movement, and now as the founder and Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center, America's largest center for homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth based in New York City.

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America cleans up its homophobic lexicon

As the country becomes more accepting of the civil rights of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) Americans, it is also beginning to reexamine its language used to demeans us.

In last month’s New York Time’s article “The Decline of the ‘H’ Word,” Jeremy Peters wrote that while the word “homosexual” for the most part is “inoffensive,” “outdated,” and perhaps “innocuous,” the word nonetheless is viewed by many in our LGBTQ community as a pejorative term.

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Why singer Justin Utley is a national LGBT hero | VIDEO

Justin Utley appeared recently at an LGBT-discrimination hearing at the Utah State Capitol, but not to discuss the gay singer-song writer’s prolific career. In what may be one of the most moving speeches to make its way around the Internet, the out singer gave heartbreaking testimony about losing his partner and then his job, and an early experience with the discredited "conversion" therapy.

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Dear Andrew Sullivan, "left-liberal intolerance" did not bring down Mozilla's CEO

Andrew Sullivan has come to the defense of the Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich, writing that Eich is being treated as a "heretic," a victim of "left-liberal intolerance" and the "ugly intolerance of parts of the gay movement," forced to resign in the wake of stinging criticism of his financial contribution to the passage of Proposition 8 in California in 2008.

Why anti-gay legal campaigns will fail: They collide with true religious freedom

All money is green.

Except, it seems, if you're gay or lesbian and live in a state considering a bill that would allow private business owners to refuse service if it offends their religious beliefs. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer killed the bill that would have given this option to Arizonan business owners, but conservatives vow to continue the fight. Similar bills in other states are wending through the legislative process, and others will resurface after the national fervor over Arizona fades away.

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Movies: Why no gay animals on Noah’s ark? Or people of color? | VIDEO

Like many Russell Crowe fans, I ran to see Darren Aronofsky's controversial film "Noah" on opening day.

While the iconic image of Noah is that of an old guy with a long untrimmed white beard, this movie version of the Biblical patriarch is one you could never imagine. And Crowe, as Noah, does a fantastic job taking viewers to an unimaginable world.

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