Holiday homophobia hurts

Now that we have survived Thanksgiving, we begin descending into another round of holiday parties and merriment. During this time, we often overlook the very real plight of many in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Unfortunately, discrimination is still rampant -- whether it is in terms of overt homophobia or transphobia, or in awkward, but not necessarily malicious, ways. Families can be torn apart quickly by rejection of those who have come out, or they can be slowly shredded when significant others are ignored or alienated.

“Adopt-A-Transgender” for Christmas

We are nearly into the Christmas Season, and me being filled with Christmas Cheer, I have decided to show Scrooge “how it’s done” and reach out to those in need (well, a few of you, anyway).

This is an offer which will not result in you receiving any additional presents (that’s Santa’s job, not mine), but if you are selected as one of the beneficiaries of my Christmas generosity, you will be grateful, nonetheless.

Making spiritual journeys: Stepping Stone honors Dia de los Muertos for a good cause

SAN DIEGO -- On Sunday, November 1, Stepping Stone of San Diego celebrated its annual fundraiser in honor of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

Dia de los Muertos is a Mayan and Aztecian spirited holiday in which people remember and honor family members who have passed; it is a celebration of their lives. It is observed in Mexico, South America, and the United States.

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Davey Wavey says LGBT monogamy is "stupid" and porn is cheating

Since the gay marriage debate began and ultimately the passing of marriage equality in June, 2015, there seems to be some questions about gay monogamy, and if it can exist in the LGBT world.

In a recent video produced by the YouTube’s NewsyNews channel, the “Try to Care” show addressed the issue of being faithful to one person sexually, and the panel of three guests, although varied, agreed that it was an outdated concept.

What should white LGBTQ organizations do post-marriage equality?

With this June’s historic Supreme Court ruling — Obergefell v. Hodge — that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states many white LGBTQ organizations nationwide have been questioning what to do next.

Last month the Harvard Alumni Association and the Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus picked up the gauntlet to answer that very question, co-sponsoring a conference titled “What Should We Do After ‘I Do’?”: Conversations on the Challenges That Remain for the LGBTQ Community. "

The unspoken LGBT support group; our pets

Being a part of the LGBT community has been difficult at times. The realization at a young age that I was gay wasn’t a burden so much as it was a fear of the future. A frightening projection of hate, judgments and bigotry. Thankfully, these concerns weren’t as dominant growing up as they would be in my adult life.

Good friends, compassionate family members and a multitude of gay and lesbian literature helped me through the coming out process, but there are other allies that sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Did I react appropriately when that trans chick hit on me?

For the past decade that I’ve worked in LGBT media, I’ve taken on one, maybe two assignments that were specifically related to transgender people.

The piece I remember most is an interview I did with Lucas Silveira, the transgender lead member of Canadian rock band The Cliks, which – I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention – has the honorable distinction of being the first band with an openly trans man as its frontperson signed by a major record label, Tommy Boy Records.

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Democratic Presidential debate left out LGBTQ issues

The first Democratic Presidential debate of the 2016 season was an exemplary example of civil discourse compared to what the American public witnessed with the GOP’s presidential debate.

And none of the candidates - former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, former Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee and former U.S. Senator of Virginia Jim Webb- trounced on each other.

Every LGBTQ+ Person Should Read This

"Dearest Queer Person,

Chances are you don't even know that you are holy, or royal or magic, but you are. You are part of an adoptive family going back through every generation of human existence.

Long before you were born, our people were inventing incredible things. Gifted minds like the inventor of the computer Alan Turing and aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont live on in you.

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The end of Kim Davis

If like me, you get tired of opening up your browser to find the latest LGBT news, and there staring you right in the face is Kim Davis, clad in a long-sleeved undershirt covered in a lengthy over-blouse, either crying, rejoicing or looking really scared, you can’t wait until she is just another https in the servers of Wikipedea.

But her antics are current events, and some SDLGN readers are sick and tired of getting the county clerk lined-up in their newsfeed.