COMMENTARY: Tales from the Women’s Room

Four stalls, three empty. Three sinks. One pregnancy test package insert on the counter. And one faint moan that might have been mine, but was not.

COMMENTARY: Why we love raising our kids in Uptown

Andy Hinds checked in with other parents to see why they, too, love raising their kids in the Hillcrest/North Park and other Uptown communities.

COMMENTARY: "The Hunger Games" and young racist fans

The film script follows the book closely and some of fans are apoplectic. The result is a tweeting tsunami of racist comments focusing on the presence of the few main black characters in the film.

COMMENTARY: We are Trayvon Martin

With Florida’s Stand Your Ground permitting Zimmerman to walk without charges, the Shepard-Byrd statute not only reminds us of how bias-motivated crimes links gays and blacks together but that it’s also the best hope for Trayvon Martin and his family seeking justice.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Immigration Equality sues over DOMA

There is no question that DOMA is unconstitutional. We know it; the Obama Administration knows it; and the families who feel its impact know it most of all. It is time to end this law, and Immigration Equality and our families will do just that.