COMMENTARY: How the gay media helped sink merger of AT&T and T-Mobile

LGBT bloggers and gay media in particular were critical of the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger after getting wind of how the company was "buying off" civil rights groups. Mainstream media eventually caught up with critical coverage.

COMMENTARY: Meet Dr. Keith Ablow, Misinformer Of The Year on LGBT issues

In 2011 Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow brought a toxic mix of homophobia and pseudoscientific anti-LGBT talking points to new lows. Media Matters for America documents his bigoted rants against J. Crew, "Dancing with the Stars" and the Girl Scouts.

COMMENTARY: Black LGBTQ community doesn’t support its own

The folding of Gay Black Men News leaves LGBTQ African-Americans without a major news source, and the Rev. Irene Monroe mourns its demise and wonders why the black community doesn't support its publications.

COMMENTARY: "Pinkwashing" is a whitewashing of the facts regarding Israel

With all the current atrocities going on in other parts of the world, award-winning LGBT author and scholar Lillian Faderman ponders why anyone would single out Israel and accuse them of embellishing or attempting to misrepresent their prolific history of LGBT rights.

COMMENTARY: After 30 years of AIDS, what can we say?

Have we learned nothing? Have we not endured enough? Are we really saying to people living with AIDS today, “Hey, we’ve already done enough?” It was true way back when and it is true today. Silence equals death.

COMMENTARY: Time for next generation of LGBT leaders to step forward

So today, as we observe World AIDS Day, it is painful to watch the divide grow even larger in the LGBT community. But there is always hope. Hope that a new generation steps up to the plate and hits a grand slam for LGBT equality.