LETTER TO COMMUNITY: How will YOU create change in 2012?

The NGLTF's Creating Change conference is inspiring and full of life, and San Diego attendee Hector Martinez comes away motivated. Find out why.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Uptown Interim Height Ordinance should be extended

Barry Hager says that community members should support the Uptown Interim Height Ordinance, which temporarily caps building heights in Mission Hills at 50 feet and Hillcrest at 65 feet until the Uptown Community Plan update is completed.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hillcrest could be so much more

Hillcrest business owner Amy Capano says that the neighborhood has become less of a destination for shoppers over the last 17 years, and adding another drugstore is not the solution.

COMMENTARY: Reflecting on MLK Day about need for LGBTQ justice in the Black Church

King's teachings taught me how religion plays a profound role in the work of justice. A religion that looks at reality from an involved committed stance in light of a faith that does justice sees the face of the damned, the disinherited, the disrespected and the dispossessed -- and that also includes its LGBTQ people.

COMMENTARY: Turning coal into diamonds

Sean Sala shares the story of a meeting he recently had with a representative from the Salvation Army, in which he has been given the opportunity to make change within the international organization.