COMMENTARY: The Prop 8 battle is about more than marriage equality

The passing of Prop 8 made us feel sad, angry, ostracized, not only because we were told we couldn't marry the person we loved, but because we were simultaneously being told we were deemed a threat to traditional marriage.

COMMENTARY: Ninth Circuit decision keeps focus on California

Given the reasoning of the Ninth Circuit’s decision and its focus on the specific circumstances that led to the enactment of Prop 8 in California, it may be a tall order for the supporters of Prop 8 to persuade the Supreme Court to take the case.

COMMENTARY: I pray you are not pregnant

Kit-Bacon Gressitt wades into controversial issues of sexual assault victims’ rights, the rights of people with disabilities, and reproductive justice.

LETTER TO COMMUNITY: How will YOU create change in 2012?

The NGLTF's Creating Change conference is inspiring and full of life, and San Diego attendee Hector Martinez comes away motivated. Find out why.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Uptown Interim Height Ordinance should be extended

Barry Hager says that community members should support the Uptown Interim Height Ordinance, which temporarily caps building heights in Mission Hills at 50 feet and Hillcrest at 65 feet until the Uptown Community Plan update is completed.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hillcrest could be so much more

Hillcrest business owner Amy Capano says that the neighborhood has become less of a destination for shoppers over the last 17 years, and adding another drugstore is not the solution.