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COMMENTARY: South Africa’s “corrective rape” of lesbians

Corrective rape is the South African version of “reparative therapy.” Its intended objective is to rectify the sexual orientation of women who are lesbians or perceived to be lesbians to that of heterosexual.

COMMENTARY: Effigy of Obama on American soil is beyond offensive, sadly typical

Apparently it has become acceptable, even fashionable, to bully your fellow citizens — or better still, hang an effigy of your president, who happens to be black, with a noose, and in a part of the country where not too long ago, that in of itself was quietly approved.

LETTER TO COMMUNITY: Please sign ENDA petition

Thankfully, on June 12 a Senate committee will finally hold a hearing on ENDA. This is our chance to shine a spotlight on the real harm caused by these forms of workplace discrimination. But we need the Senate to go further — ENDA needs to be voted out of committee and sent to the Senate floor!

COMMENTARY: How is your gaydar?

Is your gaydar working? Many people, gay and straight, think so. But gaydar may be based on stereotype more than any other reason. And Irene Monroe can testify to that!

COMMENTARY: Shades of Nazi Germany?

North Carolina's passage of Amendment One, which now constitutionally defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, has emboldened many of its Bible-thumping denizens. Especially its ministers, who not only verbally condemn LGBTQ citizens, but now openly speak of exterminating us.

COMMENTARY: Dancing with Caterpillars

We are transfixed by a dancer who performs with a Caterpillar Excavator, a waltz of man and machine, vulnerable grace and graceful brute, love and hate, dancing the dichotomies of the human condition.