COMMENTARY: Black LGBTQs finding their voice for the future

As we cross over into 2012, one of our biggest accomplishments in 2011 has been the various ways in which LGBTQ of African descent have employed different public venues to be heard.

COMMENTARY: An open letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about military sexual abuse

Changes announced this week, while clearly acknowledging the depth of the problem, do not go far enough to solve it. Our military culture is based on the chain of command, which in most instances is vital to meeting our missions, but with cases of sexual assault and rape we believe that complete command discretion has hindered justice being served.

COMMENTARY: Can you be gay and Muslim?

I do not attempt to justify homosexuality or promote gay culture but I call for a dialogue on religions and sexual preferences.

COMMENTARY: How the gay media helped sink merger of AT&T and T-Mobile

LGBT bloggers and gay media in particular were critical of the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger after getting wind of how the company was "buying off" civil rights groups. Mainstream media eventually caught up with critical coverage.

COMMENTARY: Meet Dr. Keith Ablow, Misinformer Of The Year on LGBT issues

In 2011 Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow brought a toxic mix of homophobia and pseudoscientific anti-LGBT talking points to new lows. Media Matters for America documents his bigoted rants against J. Crew, "Dancing with the Stars" and the Girl Scouts.