COMMENTARY: Ken Cuccinelli's war on oral sex

Virgina GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli -- who is intent on reinstating Virginia's Crimes Against Nature law -- apparently thinks oral sex (between any two people, gay or straight) is the same as gay sex.

COMMENTARY: Russia’s anti-gay crackdown

Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, has declared war on homosexuals. So far, the world has mostly been silent.

COMMENTARY: San Diego County Clerk is out and proud - as a homophobe

In reality, County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg is derelict of his duties, he is failing to serve all San Diegans he was elected to represent, and he deserves punishment at the ballot box should he choose to stand for re-election.

COMMENTARY: Leadership must put people before politics

Unfortunately, Mayor Filner’s bizarre actions and combative personality now stand in the way of San Diegans getting the government they deserve.

COMMENTARY: Is Carl DeMaio the key to rewriting LGBT history?

More than ever, Republicans are embracing marriage equality and taking a public stand like Senators Rob Portman, Mark Kirk and Lisa Murkowski, just to name a few. They are changing their conversation, and taking huge political risks at the same time, by coming out.