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VIDEO: GLAAD's What to Watch Tuesday night

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

Tuesday night heats up with the Realtors butting heads on "Million Dollar Listing," a barn-raising event with "The Fabulous Beekman Boys," and steamy secrets being exposed on "The Good Wife."

9:00 pm: Million Dollar Listing, Bravo (1 hr) NEW

After introducing his boyfriend to the cameras last week, Josh Flagg gets dragged into the Altman-Madison feud when Altman snaps at Josh Flagg for blowing the whistle on his interview with fellow gay realtor Madison’s assistant Heather. Check out a sneak peek as tempers flare in tonight’s episode:

10:00 pm: The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Planet Green (30 min) NEW

When Brent and Josh visit Martha Stewart’s Bedford estate to drop off her new lambs this week, Brent is quickly inspired to throw an old-fashioned barn raising party to make some much-needed improvements to the farm! The denizens of Sharon Springs show up to pitch in, but Josh has more laidback plans for how to spend the weekend.

10:00 pm: The Good Wife, CBS (1 hr) NEW

Last week, Blake revealed that he knows about bisexual investigator Kalinda’s steamy past with her best friend Alicia’s husband Peter. Will Kalinda come clean this week, or will Alicia find out the truth about their secret affair on her own while the firm sues a convicted murderer who is profiting from a song he wrote describing his crime?

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