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VIDEO: GLAAD's What to Watch Thursday night

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

This Thursday, get ready for a night of international intrigue with a Canadian investigation on "Bones" and a trip to Monaco for "Archer" and the gang.

9:00 pm: Bones, Fox (1 hr) NEW

When seven pairs of dismembered feet wash ashore after a recent flood on the U.S.-Canada border, the Jeffersonian team (including bisexual forensic artist Angela) work with the Canadians to identify the bodies and find the murderer, and Brennan gets a sick thrill while Booth just gets sick when the duo visits a “body farm.”

10:00 pm: Archer, FX (30 min) NEW

After rescuing bisexual HR director Pam from the kidnappers last week, the ISIS agents head to the Monte Carlo Casino on Monaco, where Archer explains to gay agent Ray Gillette that gambling isn’t one of his many (many) vices in the clip below:

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