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VIDEO: FilmOut San Diego to screen “Valley Of The Dolls” on June 15

SAN DIEGO – FilmOut San Diego will show the camp classic “Valley Of The Dolls” at 7 pm Wednesday, June 15.

Tickets to see “Valley Of The Dolls” are $10 and can be purchased online HERE. The film will be shown at Birch North Park Theatre, 3891 University Ave. in North Park. Call (619) 814-3434 for more information.

“Valley Of The Dolls” (1967) was directed by Mark Robson and based on the trashy best-seller by Jacqueline Susann that blew the lid off the deep, dark secrets of show biz and the abuse of “dolls,” slang for downers and barbiturates and methadone.

Here is the storyline, according to imdb.com:

Anne Welles (Barbara Parkins), a bright, brash young New England college grad leaves her Peyton Place-ish small town and heads for Broadway, where she hopes to find an exciting job and sophisticated men. During her misadventures in Manhattan and, later, Hollywood, she shares experiences with two other young hopefuls: Jennifer North (Sharon Tate), a statuesque, Monroe-ish actress who wants to be accepted as a human being, but is regarded as a sex object by all the men she meets, and Neely O'Hara (Patty Duke), a talented young actress who's accused of using devious means by a great older star (Helen Lawson) to reach the top, pulling an "All About Eve"-type deception in order to steal a good role away from her.

The monthly fundraisers help the FilmOut board to present the annual film festival, which this year will run over consecutive weekends of Aug. 19-21 and Aug. 26-28.

The mission of FilmOut San Diego is to enlighten, educate, and entertain the communities of San Diego County and beyond through the exhibition of LGBT- themed films. FilmOut San Diego seeks to recognize, promote, celebrate and support the important diverse artistic contributions LGBT filmmakers make to our community.