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Liquid Blue, other bands to perform Jan. 20 at Occu-Party benefit for Occupy San Diego

SAN DIEGO -- Local band Liquid Blue will perform Friday, Jan. 20, at the World Beat Center as part of the Occu-Party Concert Series to benefit the Occupy San Diego movement.

Other performers include Mark Boyce from G. Love & Special Sauce, The Rootstrikers featuring Emily Richards, and Justin Werner & Co.

Admission is $5 and all monies go to Occupy San Diego. Doors open at 7 pm at the World Beat Center, 2100 Park Blvd.

Liquid Blue has performed in 115 countries, laying claim to a world record. The band will perform its recent hit single, "Earth Passport," a song about world peace that is sung in nine languages. Liquid Blue also promises protest songs by Dylan, Springsteen, Lennon and others.
Spoken word performances are planned by Nathan Say and Ernie McCray. Guest speakers will be Cecile Veillard and Ray Lutz.

Occu-Party Concert Series

Liquid Blue intends to present an ongoing monthly concert series to benefit the OSD movement. These events will be held at various local venues and are intended to raise money to keep the movement financially stable. The goals of the OSD Concert series are:

1. To provide funding for OSD and its activities

2. To provide those who cannot "occupy" on a regular basis, a way to contribute to the cause and be part of it.

3. To provide information on the Occupy movement to the attendees and encourage their participation.

4. To showcase the most active and talented speakers from OSD.

5. To celebrate OSD's accomplishments in a safe, off-site location (away from the Civic Center).