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Malashock Dance Company to present encore performances of “Malashock/RAW 2: Stripped”

SAN DIEGO -- The Malashock Dance Company this weekend will give two encore performances of its cutting-edge show, “Malashock/RAW 2: Stripped.”

The dance program exhibits brazen athleticism and stark sensuality in a provocative story rarely seen on stage. Boundaries are pushed and lines are crossed, so leave the kiddies at home.

“When you think of modern dance you may think it’s going to be slow and boring with people looking out at the audience, Malashock/RAW is not that at all,” Michael Mizerany, who serves as the associate artistic director for Malashock and choreographed a piece in “Malashock/RAW 2,” said in a previous interview with SDGLN.

“It’s skin, sweat and non-stop action, it’s a visceral experience, and you’re going to feel it in your gut. So toss out all of those ideas you might have about modern dance and come to ‘Malashock/RAW’ and you’ll be really surprised at how much you liked it.”

The program includes new works by John Malashock, Michael Mizerany and two visiting choreographers from Mexico.

The performances will be at 8 pm Saturday, Jan. 21, and at 7 pm Sunday, Jan. 22, at Malashock Dance Studio, No. 200, Dance Place San Diego, 2650 Truxton Road in San Diego.

Tickets are $18 on Saturday night and $15 on Sunday night, and can be purchased HERE.