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DVD review: "Over The Edge" is a dark comedy that spoofs murder mysteries | VIDEO

With “Over The Edge,” British writer/director Webster Forrest has created a black comedy that wavers between absurdity and hilarity. Toss in unrequited love, and you get one of the oddest gay films ever.

Deeply flawed and suffering from continuity problems, “Over The Edge” nonetheless has some fine acting and some really funny lines, but requires a whole lot of suspension of disbelief.

Forrest spoofs just about every British murder mystery you’ve seen on PBS, so the plot is not your ordinary gay cinema.

A serial killer is on the loose in the city, called the worst mass murderer since John Wayne Gacy. Could he be our hunky gay hero, medical school dropout Jason (played by Danny Bedford), who has been suffering from unexplained blackouts?

Jason hates his dead-end job as a photocopier repairman, and has become increasingly isolated from the real world. He wakes up one morning from one of his blackouts to find a dead man in his spare bedroom.

He calls his co-worker Richard (played by Sean Hart) – the two apparently have an unspoken crush on each other – and this unlikely pair of sleuths kick into gear in a hilarious attempt to solve the mounting deaths.

Bedford and Hart are terrific as the leads, creating characters who are both believable and hilarious. There is a wonderful cameo role by Fenella Fielding, whose first scene is extraordinary in its simplicity and impact. And Phillip Davey plays a bumbling bobby who owes his roots to Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.

“Over The Edge” is not for everybody, but its dark comedy and spoof of British murder mysteries should earn the movie a cult following.

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“Over The Edge” debuts today on DVD. To purchase the DVD for $17.99 or to read more about the movie at TLA Releasing, click HERE.

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