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Theater Review: "My Fair Lady"

Oh, that Henry Higgins. What a prig. What a jerk. What a genius! (Just ask him.)

Yep, George Bernard Shaw’s favorite linguist is back to amuse and annoy us with his smart-alecky and soulless use of poor Eliza Doolittle as a guinea pig to showcase his great ability to transform a flower girl into someone who can pass as nobility.

Los Angeles Drag King does Bowie to perfection

Nikki Boudreau is a Los Angeles drag king who brings David Bowie back to life.

Drag entertainment seems to be dominated by men, so when we hear about a drag king working hard in the business it is always a pleasant surprise.

Take Nikki Boudreau for example who transforms herself into various male artists to near perfection. 

Theater Review: "Rent"

"Rent" celebrates 20 years at The Civic Theatre in San Diego.

Twenty-one years ago, Jonathan Larson revived the declining rock opera genre with his Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning “Rent,” which took Leoncavallo’s opera “La Bohème” as inspiration. This story of starving artist types opened on Broadway in 1996 and ran for 12 years.

Now it’s back on a 20th anniversary tour, and plays through Sunday at San Diego Civic Theatre.

Theater Review: "Play It Again, Sam"

Some guys need a little help getting dates. Film critic Allan Felix (aka Woody Allen) needs a personality makeover, or maybe a transplant. He’s just been divorced by his wife Nancy (when you observe one of their interactions, you’ll wonder what took her so long) and now this social flop is trying to get back into the dating game. 

NOM protests Fox's 'The Mick,' but their claims are all wrong

Kaitlin Olson stars as Mackenzie Murphy in Fox's "The Mick."

The conservative television watchdogs over at the National Organization for Marriage have the Fox Network in their sites over a new television show called The Mick.

The organization is criticizing the channel for the show which has a young trans character, six-year-old Ben played by Jack Stanton, saying it should be called “The Ick.”

Disneyland gives SoCal residents a three-day, $150 deal

Disneyland has a special offer for Southern California residents.

Disneyland is a very expensive place to visit, but the theme park is giving out a special deal to Southern California residents now through May 22.

The park is offering three-day passes for $149 or visit California Adventure too for  $189 with a park-hopper.

It usually costs $105 for a single day, or $255 for three days.

Theater Review: "The Roommate"

Tessa Auberjonois and Linda Gehringer in South Coast Repertory's 201​7 ​production of ​The Roommate.

Back when I was 50-some, I wrote a poem about the way women magically seem to become invisible when they hit the big five-oh.

Now playwright Jen Silverman has picked up that theme and created a one-act two-hander about two women in just that situation.

San Diego performer to compete for most 'beautiful female impersonators in California'

Katrina Duall will represent California, San Diego in La Femme Magnifique taking place in the state's capital.

One San Diego drag queen will be heading to Sacramento on January 22, to compete in the showgirl drag pageant California La Femme Magnifique (CLFM) and she couldn’t be more excited.

“It's a fun pageant. Very festive and sparkly,” said Katrina Duall, who takes the business of female impersonation, and the contest, very seriously.  

Meryl Streep blasts Trump; He fires back on Twitter

Meryl Streep takes an opportunity during the Golden Globes to lambast Donald Trump.

The Golden Globe awards was not just another night of Hollywood accolades and fashion statements Sunday evening.

Academy Award winning, and Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient, Meryl Streep, took the opportunity to make a statement of her own to the incoming Trump administration.

See trailer for HBO doc on Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds share their lives in new HBO documentary.

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher died within a day of each other which might be a testament to how close their relationship really was.

In HBO’s documentary, Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds it chronicles just how reliant they were on each other.