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Channing Tatum 'vogues' on cue

It’s no secret that hunky actor Channing Tatum can dance, but how good is he at improvising?

The talented star was interviewed by Vanity Fair this month to promote his new movie “Magic Mike XXL.”

The magazine asked Channing if he could do seven dance moves in just 30 seconds. He was happy to oblige.

SDPIX’s July covergirl is a beacon of beauty and inspiration

Siddiq Wahab is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. As a transgender female she has experienced a lot of the world’s meanness and prejudice.

But Siddiq says she is much more than what people perceive her to be and there are some sacred beliefs that have guided her along the way.

“I've always felt and perceived myself as a girl,” she said. “And have always just been myself so I never felt like I transitioned into anything other than becoming an adult. I also never knew that transitioning was even something that could be physically done.”

A guide to every LGBT event at Comic-Con

Comic-Con International: San Diego gives comic book, film and television enthusiasts an opportunity every year to hear from and interact with the creators of their favorite stories, as well as to watch previews and engage with fellow fans.

Once again this year the convention will include many LGBT-themed panels, as well as discussions with the cast and creators of many LGBT-inclusive television series. GLAAD's Director of Entertainment Media, Matt Kane, will also participate in two PRISM comics panels on LGBT representation in animation and "the LGBTQ Geek Year in Review."

THEATER REVIEW: "Come From Away""

If the notion of a musical about 9/11 seems a little creepy, welcome to my world.

But “Come From Away,” only the second musical penned by husband-and-wife team David Hein and Irene Sankoff, manages to tell a very human story – not of the death and destruction we all watched on that awful day, but of a particular group of travelers on their way from Paris to Dallas who were stranded in Newfoundland when the U.S. closed American airspace and forced planes in the air to land.

Drag Race winner Violet Chachki releases EP and video

Ru Paul’s drag race season seven winner Violet Chachki released her debut EP titled GAGGED at midnight (EST) on June 29.

Her second video, “Vanguard” seems to be an updated version of Michael Jackson’s video “Beat it,” but this time the thugs are transphobic, and sophisticated choreography is not the weapon of choice.

The hard-pounding, ferocious musical expressions seem to mirror Chachki’s experimental style, “I wanted to create something as a sort of soundtrack to the avant-garde visuals I create," she said.

THEATER REVIEW: "Always...Patsy Cline"

Country music star Patsy Cline had a short but meteoric career that included recording Willie Nelson’s favorite cover of his song “Crazy.” She was also the first woman in country music to both perform at Carnegie Hall and headline her own show in Las Vegas.

Not bad for a girl who couldn’t read music and is quoted as saying “I don’t know what key I sing in.” But she had a rich alto voice and a way of getting across a song that endeared her to millions of fans.

San Diego is picked as one of the 'Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America.'

Hair grooming giant Wahl has released their “Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America,” and San Diego comes in at number nine.

Cities that are considered to be included in the list are generally ones that keep facial hair popular. However another factor in creating the list is whether or not cities conduct facial hair friendly events.

For instance, this year’s number one spot goes to Washington D.C., a city that barely cracked the top 20 last year.

"Max" is a wonderful boy-and-dog adventure, drenched in patriotism.

The movie “Max” opens in theaters this week. Although it is not filled with grand special effects and prehistoric showdowns, the film has plenty of red, white and blue heart.

In what could be a commercial for America, “Max” follows the story of a Belgian shepherd dog who is part of a military operative in Afghanistan. Max’s job is to lead his band of troops through the treacherous streets of a war-torn country, warning soldiers if there are dangers ahead of them.

Swedish singer Mizgin tells SDGLN the meaning behind her hit single

Sweden could be considered the number one place in the world in which infectious pop music gets born and then is dispersed to the rest of the planet.

From ABBA to Swedish House Mafia, the country has had a history of building the beats of the American dance floor and then going all the way to the top of the U.S. charts.

Make room for another Swedish singer who hopes to do the same.

The mononymous Mizgin hails from Bollnas, Sweden and has already made an impact in the nightclubs of America with her hit “If I Said I’m in Love (Suicide).”

Nintendo will allow same-sex relationships in new game

At last, the powerful warriors and wizards in Nintendo's "Fire Emblem" franchise can be gay.

Gaming site Polygon reported Tuesday that players will be able to have same-sex relationships in the upcoming "Fire Emblem Fates," a new entry in the strategy role-playing franchise that made its debut on the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. A Nintendo spokesman confirmed this information to The Huffington Post.