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THEATER REVIEW: "brownsville song (b-side for tray)"

Not many plays feature a dead person as the main character. But playwright Kimber Lee’s “brownsville song (b-side for tray)” wants to make a point about something that happens all too often these days.

At the top of this 90-minute affecting meditation on senseless violence, Lena (Sylvia M’Lafi Thompson) rivets us with an uncomprehending, almost unbelieving stream-of-consciousness monologue about her grandson Tray.

“Aftermath is damn boring and grief be a tedious muthafucker,” she says, but “He was not the same old story. He was mine.”

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Sick of dating real men? Now you can virtually date and fall in love

Well, we guess it was inevitable -- a new video game specifically designed for gay men is on the market that allows you to virtually date and fall in love with an A.I. 

'WaistWatchers The Musical' comes to the Lyceum Theatre

Charlie Chaplin once said, “To truly laugh you must be able to take your pain and play with it.”

This philosophy seems to be the motivation behind “WaistWatchers The Musical!” coming to The Lyceum Theatre from Wednesday, February 24, to Sunday, March 27, 2016.

Set inside the fictional Cook’s Women’s Gym, “WaistWatchers,” is a comical look at some of the fairer sex’s daily insecurities.

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Beyoncé in San Diego, May; tickets on sale Feb. 16

Fresh from her Super Bowl half-time performance, superstar Beyoncé announced her “Formation” world tour on Monday, and she will be making a stop in America’s Finest City.

The singer will begin the first leg of her tour in Miami Fl., on April 27, at Marlin’s Park. There will be 21 additional concert venues around the country and a European leg starting in June.

The ever innovative singer released a surprise single called “Formation” through the music streaming service Tidal on February 6, with a video on the same day. You can view the “clean” version below.


The U.S. came by its “melting pot” reputation honestly, beginning as a haven for malcontents and others who came here to escape real or imagined persecution, and becoming (for a time, at least) a wide-open new land of dreams where nearly anything was possible.

San Diego Musical Theatre presents a stunning production of the 1998 musical “Ragtime” (book by Terrence McNally, music by Stephen Flaherty and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens) through Feb. 21 at the Spreckels Theatre.

THEATER REVIEW: "Outside Mullingar"

Some people never forget a slight. Others don’t know a come-on when they see it.

Playwright John Patrick Shanley takes his own very Irish family as a starting point for “Outside Mullingar,” a romantic comedy about two (fictionalized) feuding families.

Consider Anthony Reilly (Manny Fernandes), who grew up with his dad Tony (Mike Genovese) on the next farm over from Rosemary Muldoon (Carla Hartung) and her mother Aoife (pronounced EE-fah) in the hardscrabble though beautiful Irish countryside west of Dublin.

The amazing reason why this man's magazine cover made history

The April edition of Men's Health Germany magazine will break fresh ground by featuring transgender fitness model Ben Melzer on its cover.

The shoot will make Melzer, 27, the first openly transgender person to grace the cover of a men's fitness magazine in Europe, Pink News reports. The issue will hit newsstands next month. 

Fashion trend: The cargo jogger

Just when we thought men’s cargo shorts were on the way out, in comes the “cargo jogger.”

These pants seem to be taking a cue from MC Hammer’s parachute pants of the 90’s, however they are a lot slimmer and less colorful.

It’s all there; stretchable waistband, drawstring belt and elastic tapered cuffs. These pants also sport utility pockets on the side and some even have smaller back pockets for whatever reason.

Aaron Carter in love with Chris Crocker?

One thing that makes internet celebrities so successful is their ability to influence followers and potential followers with viral-worthy content.

Chris Crocker of “Leave Britney alone” fame has certainly kept his brand alive with many videos and social media updates that are often humorous and always interesting.

In perhaps a genius blend of pop icon celebrity and YouTube stardom Aaron Carter and Chris Crocker seem to be teasing hints about a relationship that is more than just friends.

THEATER REVIEW: "The Realish Housewives of San Diego: A Parody"

It’s difficult for me to understand why anyone would care about anybody else’s “real housewives,” but that just shows how far behind the curve and out of it I am.

So I went down to the Balboa Theatre last night to see what Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe’s version has to offer.

I’m happy to report that “The Realish Housewives of San Diego: A Parody” (playing a short run through Feb. 7) is a total hoot.

The troupe of six, now on a national tour, operates from a skeletal script which is beefed up with local references as they travel from city to city.