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George Schneider (David Ellenstein) is a mess. He returns to his Central Park West apartment after a couple of weeks in Europe – reliving those days with his recently deceased wife – to find he’s left the gas on and water dripping in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Jennie Malone (Jacquelyn Ritz) returns from Jamaica, where she went to (unsuccessfully) recover from a divorce. At least she didn’t leave any utilities on or water dripping.

But neither of them has any interest in dating just now. So they’re a perfect couple, right?

Johnny Stein to be featured in fashion photography exhibit "Johnny & Viv"

BURBANK, California -- Local personality Johnny Stein, known by many as "Johnny Girl," has spent a lifetime building a transgender alter ego exclusively from high fashion components. A new exhibit at the Nan Rae Gallery at Woodbury University, which opens Wednesday night, traces Stein's process of identity formation.

The exhibit, titled "Johnny & Viv," is curated by Johnny in conjunction with the university’s fashion design department’s creative director Jared Gold.

Drag queen reality show heading to Parliament House in Orlando, owner says

ORLANDO, Florida -- Don Granatstein says the gay-themed Parliament House resort is about to be reborn, with the help of a reality TV show about drag queens.

Yes, Granatstein and his wife Susan have been planning the rebirth of Parliament House for years. But it appears the timing is good now. Here’s why:

1) Parliament House, in its 40th year, just shed millions in debts and emerged from a bankruptcy.

2) Gay marriage is legal in Florida and could lead to more gay tourism.

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THEATER REVIEW: “Love, Loss, And What I Wore”

I’m of two minds about Nora and Delia Ephron’s “Love, Loss And What I Wore,” a Playhouse Productions project based on Ilene Beckerman’s book. It plays through March 22 at San Diego Repertory Theatre.

On one hand, it’s a funny show that every woman can identify with about those little annoyances of being female. Things like clueless parents getting you an “outfit” when everybody’s wearing hippie clothes, that awful first bra experience, the prom dress thing, dressing rooms and the awful secrets they reveal. And of course, the endless agonies over weight.

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THEATER REVIEW: “The Twenty-Seventh Man”

THEATER REVIEW: “The Twenty-Seventh Man”

I guess the event shouldn’t surprise us; it’s just that so few people know about it. In Stalin’s last purge, Soviet Jewish writers, editors and academics were rounded up and killed. The writers were poets, novelists, playwrights and journalists, arguably the best who ever wrote in Yiddish.

The roundup started in 1948; the last were murdered in 1952, just a few months before Stalin’s own death. It has been called the Night of the Murdered Poets. What died there was Yiddish literature.

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THEATER REVIEW: “You Can’t Take It With You”

Most of us probably claim some measure of familial nuttiness, but your family is probably nothing like the gang in Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman’s “You Can’t Take It With You.”

Let’s see, there’s Grandpa Martin Vanderhof (Jim Chovick), who has never paid income tax and now spends his time going to college commencements and circuses, throwing darts, collecting snakes and spouting off about how to be happy.

TMC: Michael Sam to compete on "Dancing With The Stars"

Michael Sam will be competing in March, but not on the football field, on the "Dancing with the Stars" hardwood ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Michael -- the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL -- will be part of Season 20, which fires up next month.

Here's the problem. Sam -- who insinuated he was cut from the NFL because he was gay -- has vowed to get back in the league and said he'd take part in the first-ever veteran's combine on March 22.

Oscars: Wins for "Imitation Game" and "Selma," plus Lady Gaga and more

The 87th Academy Awards closed out Hollywood's major awards season live tonight on ABC, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

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THEATER REVIEW: “The Grift at the Lafayette Hotel”

The way to get back at a scammer is to beat him at his own game.

At least that’s what Tom Salamon thinks, and since he wrote “The Grift at the Lafayette Hotel,” La Jolla Playhouse’s latest site-specific WOW project, all comers are going to try it for themselves.

Well, actually for the team: the show takes teams of eight through five attempted scams to see how good they are at it, working their way up to the final big-payoff art auction grift.

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THEATER REVIEW: “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”

What do you find at a spelling bee? Nerds, and at Intrepid Shakespeare Company’s “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” – the musical about such a bee – the spellers you’ll meet live up to everybody’s expectations. Consider these contestants:

* Chip Tolentino (Shaun Tuazon-Martin) – you know, the one with the glasses who will eventually be done in by “My Unfortunate Erection.”

* Logainne Schwarzandgrubenniere (Amy Perkins), she of the two dads who gave her the weight of both last names, head of the gay-straight alliance at her school.