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Reality star Mama June comes out as bisexual

Large and in charge TLC reality star, Mama June exclaims, “I’m bisexual.”

TMZ is reporting today that reality star and stage mother Mama June (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) has come out.

The Georgia matriarch says she has had three experiences with women, but claims they were purely causal affairs, “It's no big deal, I was young and experimented with it, never went pro though just played the minor leagues," she said.

Queer fashion is not a trend, 'It's a social movement'

Androgynous looks are being embraced by the mainstream fashion world, from male-inspired clothing for women to gender-bending models on the runway. But queer fashion isn't just for looks.

Special offer from "Silence of the Clams" at Diversionary Theatre

SAN DIEGO - The classic horror movie “Silence of the Lambs” gets its own parody from popular Diversionary Theatre staple Jamie Morris. The actor/writer/producer opens his parody “Silence of the Clams” at the North Park venue tonight at 7 pm. The show will run through May 3.

Morris would like to send a special thank you to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News readers with an exclusive gift of $10 off the price of admission--for all dates!

THEATER REVIEW: "Uncanny Valley"

It had to happen. Neuroscience and computer technology have made such huge strides that human cloning is now possible (if not legal), and it’s time theater caught up with the rest of the scientific world.

The film industry beat us to it, first with “Her” and then this year’s “Ex Machina.” But now – taking the topic to its logical limit – is Thomas Gibbons’ two-hander “Uncanny Valley,” playing through May 10 at San Diego Repertory Theatre. This is the play’s third production as part of a National New Play Network “rolling world premiere.”

YouTube's #ProudToPlay campaign wins Shorty Award for Best Use of Video!

At this year's 7th Annual Short Awards, YouTube's #ProudToPlay campaign won the award for Best Use of Video. #ProudToPlay served as a YouTube-powered cause that brought together athletes, celebrities, and YouTube personalities to champion equality and inclusivity for athletes around the world.

X-Men comic book character unfreezes questions about his personal life

The #14 edition of All New X-Men hits comic book stores across the country tomorrow, and in it, there is a revelation that finally puts to rest what fans have been wondering for years; is Iceman gay?

The issue of the new comic series, sees younger versions of Iceman, Jean Grey and other X-Men team mates fighting alongside their future, older selves as they try to bring order to the space-time continuum.


COSTA MESA, California - “How do you survive the world?” asks 15-year-old Theresa (Emily James) of Mr. Wolf (John de Lancie), the only person she has known since he abducted her 12 years earlier.

“Inquiry,” he says. “Ask as many questions as you can. People are made uncomfortable by questions, and then they will be off-balance.”

In the dozen years they’ve been together, the precocious Theresa has become something of an expert in the workings of the universe, which she explains with beautiful diagrams and incomprehensible (to me) equations on a series of chalkboards.

Popular video game has a gay character; not everyone is happy

The violent video game Mortal Kombat X was released on April 14, and this time it is not the gratuitous violence that has some people up-in-arms. Some straight gamers were dealt a wallop when it was discovered one of the most popular characters in the series is gay.

THEATER REVIEW: "Freud’s Last Session"

“Things are simple only if you choose not to examine them.”

Sigmund Freud (Robert Smyth), outspoken atheist and the father of modern psychiatry, is talking to British author C.S. Lewis (Fran Gercke), who rather late in life came to his devout Christianity.

But, Lewis asserts, he now believes that “there is a God. That a man doesn’t have to be an imbecile to believe in Him. And we feeble-minded who do are not, as you claim, suffering from a pathetic ‘obsessional neurosis.’”

Penis and Vagina Talk Shows, both at the Diversionary Theatre

SAN DIEGO, California -- If you have wondered about the private parts of the male or female anatomy, then you’re in luck. "The Penis Talk Show" will play tonight April 18, at 7 pm, and again tomorrow at 8 pm at the Diversionary Theatre in University Heights.

"The Vagina Talk Show" will play Sunday, April 19 at 6 pm at the Diversionary as well.

The shows allow audience members to ask questions about genitalia through an emcee who addresses them onstage in a comedic way. Be warned, both the “Penis Talk Show” and “The Vagina Talk Show” contain full-frontal nudity.