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First Look: DJ Tony Moran creates a new 'High' anthem to benefit Orlando

Nicki Richards, Zhana Roiya and Tony Moran create a dance version of "High" for Orlando victims and their families.

Tony Moran, Nicki Richards and Zhana Roiya; three of the biggest names in the world of dance music, have collaborated to help the innocent victims of Orlando with an amped-up single titled “High.”

This is actually a cover to the 1997 ballad of the same name originally performed by the U.K. band Lighthouse Family.

Meet the Khmer Muscle Boys challenging perceptions of what it means to be young and gay in Cambodia

This is a project to challenge young, gay Cambodians’ perceptions of themselves.

In a small, unassuming bar in the center of Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, a new generation of young Khmer men are starting a revolution.

It’s not a political uprising, a protest at alleged government corruption, nor an initiative to reduce widespread poverty in the country; it’s goes far deeper than that.

Theater Review: "A Gay Marriage"

J. Marcus Newman, Patricia Elmore Costa, Tom Andrew. back: Sherri Allen, Michael Lundy.

Did the U.S. legalize same-sex marriage so gays could be as miserable in marriage as straights?

That’s one of the questions under consideration in Ronnie Larsen’s “A Gay Marriage,” in its world premiere through July 31 at Diversionary Theatre.

Megan Vice brings 80's R&B full circle in 'Spread the News'

Megan Vice brings the 80's back to life in her new dance heavy album.

They say everything old is new again, and that seems to hold true for singer Megan Vice whose new album harkens back to the synth style of the 80’s.

Robotic voices and laser sounds infiltrate her songs much like the ones used in 80’s girl bands, Exposé, Cover Girls and to some degree Chaka Kahn.

Safety tips for playing 'Pokemon Go' from San Diego Police

San Diego Police say common sense is the best way to enjoy Pokemon Go.

The new cellphone craze “Pokemon Go” has become a mobile phenomenon, and people are discovering that it can do a lot more than just capture animated creatures. It has also become a tool for people to inadvertently discover a possible crime scene. 

Theater Review: "The Twentieth Century Way"

This is Johnson’s third turn at ion, and he gets better every time I see him.

Here’s a novel setup: Two actors – “ruggedly handsome” Warren (Richard Johnson) and “pretty boy” Brown (Colton Iverson) do improv while waiting – and waiting – for auditions for the same film role.

The more assertive Warren suggests a vice theme based on an actual obscure law passed in California in 1914 which called oral copulation “social vagrancy.”