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The 'hidden Mickeys' of Hillcrest, Doron Rosenthal's 'Fossils Exposed'

Artist Doron Rosenthal's art installation around Hillcrest consists of 150 different conceptualized fossils.

If you have ever been to Disneyland, you may have played the game "Find the Hidden Mickey," but did you know that there is an art installation in Hillcrest over a mile long in which you can do almost same thing?

Although you won't find the signature silhouette of iconic mouse ears, what you will find is a collection of tiny conceptualized fossils embedded in the ground. 

Hillcrest baker competes on ‘Halloween Baking Championship’ for Food Network

Veronica von Borstel on Food Network's Halloween Baking Championship

Hillcrest resident Veronica von Borstel is an artist. Not the type whose work you would see in a museum, or gallery hallway. Her creations aren’t preserved for the ages, but admired for a moment on the outside then appreciated for what’s hidden underneath.

Veronica is a pastry chef, a culinary sculptress whose work lives on in the memories of those who have eaten her masterpieces.

Famous gay photographer Matt Irwin dies at 36

Nicki Minaj with Matt Irwin

Matt Irwin, 36, a popular gay celebrity photographer has died by suicide reports Gay Star News.

The report claims that Irwin had just broken up with his boyfriend which sent him into a deep depression.

Sean Hayes of 'Will & Grace' confirms, "We're baaaaaaaaaaaack!"

The cast of "Will & Grace" create a cryptic tease that may reveal they are reuniting for television.

Social media is buzzing about the cryptic video released by the four stars of NBC’s hit sitcom “Will & Grace” today.

If you pay close attention to the clip (seen HERE), certain words highlighted in red spell out the return on the groundbreaking comedy:

iPhone 7 users get pranked by video, destroy their new phones

YouTuber tricks iPhone users into destroying their phones with drill hack.

WARNING: DO NOT drill a hole into your new iPhone: you will render it useless. 

An enterprising young prankster has created a mean and misleading YouTube video instructing new iPhone 7 users to drill a hole into the top of their devices to reveal the "hidden" headphone jack.

Review: 'The Exorcist' TV series

Alfonso Herrera and Geena Davis in Fox's "The Exorcist."

In 1971 a rather thick book by William Peter Blatty hit store shelves and effectively scared the pea soup out of the nation.

“The Exorcist” was a qualified bestseller and as with most popular novels that sell millions of copies, they get made into movies.

The Art & Craft Show Old Town has something for everyone

Scores of art aficionados and avid collectors descend upon Old Town for this event each year.

Old Town is one of San Diego’s most culturally unique locations. With rich history and a distinct heritage, it serves as a reminder of the days in Southern California’s early history.

The Art & Craft Show Old Town in San Diego, a free event, takes place on Saturday, Sept. 24, and Sunday Sept. 25.