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Sean Hayes learns about his past on "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Sean Hayes’ estranged father has a troubled past, so Sean goes on a journey to discover the root of the problem on "Who Do You Think You Are?} airing this Sunday, March 29 at 10 pm on TLC.

Sean’s journey takes him to Chicago where he uncovers the sad details of his grandfather’s early death on skid row. Sean then follows his ancestral trail to Ireland, where court documents reveal the chaos in the Hayes family runs generations deep. Through Sean’s search, he is able to deepen his understanding of his father and appreciate that he’s broken a turbulent family pattern on his own.

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Years ago, a new housing development in San Diego was briefly named Climax Park. I wanted to scrawl “Newlyweds Only” beneath the sign.

Apologies if that’s TMI, but I was reminded of it when I heard that “Sunset Park” is about getting old. Aha, said I to myself, a metaphor.

Sure enough. Scripps Ranch Theatre presents Marley Sims and Elliot Shoenman’s meditation on aging, guilt and survival, “Sunset Park,” through April 19. Eric Poppick directs.

Rob Halford of Judas Priest to perform at San Diego AIDS Memorial benefit concert

SAN DIEGO, California -- Rob Halford, the lead singer for Judas Priest, has been added to the entertainment lineup at the San Diego AIDS Memorial fundraising concert on Thursday.

Halford will be joining comic Suzanne Westenhoefer, drag performer Chad Michaels, Heartbeat Music Academy Thunder Squad and Grammy nominee Manny Cepeda Orchestra for a fun night of music and comedy to kick off fundraising efforts for a permanent AIDS Memorial site in San Diego.

HBO cancels "Looking" after two seasons

HBO confirmed on Wednesday that it has canceled the gay dramedy, "Looking," after its sophomore season.

"Looking" was critically acclaimed for providing a fairly realistic view of gay life in San Francisco, but viewership remained low. Some viewers complained that the characters took too long to develop, while some were self-absorbed or boring. But loyal fans praised the show for tackling relevant issues, such as HIV-negative and HIV-positive dating, the PrEP prevention pill, and transgender issues.

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THEATER REVIEW: “Kin” at the ion

So if humans are social beings hardwired to be together, why is connection often so difficult and getting along such a hassle?

Playwright Bathsheba Doran illustrates the problems without elucidating an answer in the curiously structured “Kin,” getting a fine production through April 4 at ion theatre.

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THEATER REVIEW: “My Fair Lady” at Cygnet

It’s one thing to wear a mask and pretend to be someone else. It’s quite another to convincingly pass yourself off as someone you’re not.

In George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion,” a sculptor falls in love with his creation, which then comes to life.

Forty-some years later, thanks to Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, phonetics professor Henry Higgins bets fellow linguist Colonel Pickering that he can take a “deliciously low” Cockney flower girl, “dropping aitches everywhere,” and pass her off as royalty.

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THEATER REVIEW: “Oedipus el Rey” at San Diego Rep

I wanted the first, stunning scene of “Oedipus el Rey” to go on much longer. It’s simple – six men ranged around a semi-circular raised set, each in an individual white spotlight – but oh, so effective.

The men are convicts in the Kern County state prison, and while they exercise in the yard, they talk (Greek chorus-style) about stories and fate, and whether we are all doomed to play out our own preordained stories.

Gay couple get engaged on "Let's Make A Deal"

We literally can't believe how absurdly perfect this gay marriage proposal is.

On a recent episode of "Let's Make A Deal," one gay men turned a lederhosen-clad competition into a romantic proposal for the love of his life.

The contestant asks host Wayne Brady if he can "give a little shout out," and then proceeds to pull out a ring and drop to one knee. His boyfriend screams and bursts into tears -- and then what happens next is just magical.

Transgender twist on "The Bold And The Beautiful" soap

Talk about a twist! Soap fans are used to dramatic developments happening on a daily basis, but "The Bold And The Beautiful" introduced a groundbreaking story line for one of its characters that's the first of its kind on network television.

On March 18, the CBS soap revealed that model Maya Ivant (Karla Mosley), who debuted on the show in early 2013, was actually born male. Mosley told Us Weekly that she was shocked when producers informed her of her character's new arc.

James Franco explains why he likes it when people think he's gay

James Franco gets candid about his sexuality and seemingly gay persona in the latest issue of FourTwoNine magazine, in which he interviews himself as "Straight James Franco" talking to "Gay James Franco."