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'The first truly gay horror fantasy' will play in Hillcrest on Oct. 12

Just in time for Halloween, "Nightbreed" invades Hillcrest for one night only.

What is it about the movie “Nightbreed” that makes the LGBT community identify with its characters so much?

The movie based on openly gay author Clive Barker’s novella “Cabal” is an adventure fantasy with horror overtones.

Theater Review: "October Sky"

Kevin Depinet’s set is varied, much of it is movable and scenes are often changed at the drop of a scrim or a light cue.

I was in high school when the Russians sent Sputnik skyward and changed the course of history, triggering the Space Race. I remember the fear, excitement and near hysteria it caused – and the sudden decision of San Diego High School to teach Russian in the next year.

Transgender model Sabel Gonzales: 'The Price of Being Me'

Slay Modeling Agencies Sabel Gonzales

Filipino model Sabel Gonzales has joined the new “I AM Vodka” campaign which celebrates living your life as your authentic self.

The advertisement follows Sabel as she strolls down the beach while different images are overlaid to exemplify exactly what she had to pay in order to become the person she is today.

Lady Gaga in free concert tonight on 'Facebook Live'

Lady Gaga to give Facebook Live users a chance to see her perform all through October.

Lady Gaga is giving Facebook subscribers a free opportunity to see her in concert on Wednesday, Oct. 5. 

Bud Light has partnered with the singer to bring audiences the “Dive Bar Tour,” in which the 30-year-old will perform using "Facebook Live." 

She is expected to give fans a sample of songs from her new album "Joanne." 

'Tranny Granny' costume pulled from Walmart online store

"Tranny Granny" is the latest offering of annually offensive costumes.

As Halloween approaches so too does the long list of offensive costumes available either online or at pop-up retail stores.

One such costume called the “Tranny Granny” was until recently sold at, but  has been removed because it violates company policy.

Comedians prank North Carolinians using HB2 law and a food truck

Shocked straight patrons get refused service in this Comedy Central prank.

The Daily Show wanted to see what would happen if they went to North Carolina and opened up a discriminatory food truck that didn’t serve gay patrons.

Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper went to the state which passed HB2 into law in March of this year, a sweeping ordinance that gives businesses the right to discriminate based on personal religious beleifs

Couple create Disney magic for engagment shoot

Yalonda and Kayla Solseng find their Disney magic.

Disney magic struck these two women who decided to dress up as their favorite Mouse-house princesses for their engagement photos.

Yalonda and Kayla Solseng met on the dating app “Kettle of Fish,” and discovered that they were truly meant for each other.

Theater Review: 'Manifest Destinitis'

Leave it to Culture Clash’s Herbert Siguenza – an old friend of, and now Playwright-in-Residence at San Diego Repertory Theatre – to put a cockeyed spin on everything he writes or performs.