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Theater Review: "The Last Tiger In Haiti"

Reggie D. White, Clinton Roane, Andy Lucien, Brittany Bellizeare and Jasmine St. Clair in "The Last Tiger In Haiti."

Time is mushy and truth variable (an understatement) in the world premiere of Jeff Augustin’s “The Last Tiger In Haiti,” where five kids of varying ages serve “Mister” as restaveks (slaves) until they are 18, when they will be freed.

“Last Tiger” is a co-production with Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

Theater Review: "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story"

Noah Zuniga-Williams as Buddy Holly with Randy Coull and Dawn Marie Zuniga-Williams as Norman and Vi Petty

Buddy Holly, who had a short life but a huge influence on early rock and roll music, comes alive again in OnStage Playhouse’s terrific production of “Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story.”

San Diego Women's Chorus is 'Guided by the Heart' for Pride

San Diego Women's Chorus supports and affirms the music of women, as well as lesbian and gay composers and arrangers.

The San Diego Women’s Chorus (SDWC) will be starting Pride weekend on Thursday, July 14, with “Guided by the Heart,” a concert devoted to every person creating their own paths in life, led only by the consciousness of their hearts.

Songs will include SDWC fan favorites as well as music by One Republic, REM, Shawn Colvin, Rachel Platten, John Legend, and Jason Robert Brown.

Westboro Baptist Church uses Pokemon Go for hate speech

Jigglypuff is being used by the Westboro Baptist Church to preach anti-gay vitriol.

The Westboro Baptist Church is now using the hugely popular app-based game Pokemon Go to endorse their organization.

One proud player created a trainer called “Pinknose” who caught a Jigglypuff and named him “Loveislove.” Noticing the Westboro Church was the location of a gym, he quickly claimed it in the name of Pride.

Theater Review: "Maestro"

Hershey Felder as Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein is one of the best known and best loved of American composers, remembered by all for his sparkling score for the classic musical “West Side Story.” But he always wanted to be known as a serious composer – which he also was.

Theater Review: "Sunday In The Park With George"

“Artists are bizarre,” says artist’s model Dot (Melissa Fernandes), bored as she sits once again for boyfriend/pointillist artist Georges Seurat (Jon Lorenz).

Dot, in one of those long, hot dresses, wants a little attention; Georges wants to “finish the hat” (his term for finishing a painting), and is monomaniacally focused with doing just that, whatever the cost.

Why people are using the term ‘Latinx’

For what it’s worth, using Latinx in general is a way to be more inclusive of identities.

The word “Latinx” (pronounced “La-teen-ex”) has been used more and more lately. And, yet, while many people are using the term and identifying as Latinx, there are still others who may look at the word with skepticism and confusion.