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Revamped 'Queer Eye' will return on Netflix

Netflix has ordered eight episodes of a revamaped "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

It’s been quite a while since we saw last the masters of meterosexuality on television, but this year Netflix is bringing back the reality show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” reports Entertainment Weekly. 

Theater Review: “Plays by Young Writers”

Four playwrights see their works given full productions, while the two youngest winners get staged readings of their works.

A strange warehouse where you can take something you want, but you must leave something of equal value; a satire on gentrification and bias in the tech industry; the horrors of a refused “promposal” and a farce about formerly incarcerated friends who reunite as they re-enter society are the themes of four of this year’s winning Plays by Young Writers.

Mary Tyler Moore dies at the age of 80

Mary Tyler Moore (1936 - 2017)

Legendary television star and dancer Mary Tyler Moore has died at the age of 80 her publicist reports.

The actress was probably best known for two roles, the effervescent Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, and the groundbreaking single career woman Mary Richards in The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Drag artist accidentally featured on Marilyn Monroe stamp

New York artist ready to sue Central African Republic if they don't pay him for using his Marilyn impersonation on stamp.

A drag artist from New York says he will sue The Central African Republic if they don’t compensate him for an image they used on one of their commemorative stamps.

Melania Trump looks downright troubled in video from inauguration

Melania Trump doesn't look happy after her husband's interaction.

Becoming the First Lady of the world’s most powerful country must bring with it plenty of stress and otherwise uncomfortable adjustments to your life.

A recent video (below) of Melania Trump looking rather miserable at her husband’s inauguration has gone viral and it may be the first glimpse we have inside the Trump’s personal interactions.

Academy Award nominations the most diverse in history

"Moonlight" gets eight Academy Award nominations.

The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences have made their nominations for Oscar gold on Tuesday, and despite years of accusations that the organization is unbalanced when it comes to recognizing actors of color, this year they have nominated six African Americans; an Oscar record.

Ru Paul's Milk undresses for Instagram, does a body good

Season 6 Ru Paul drag star Milk reveals a lot more than just beauty secrets.

If you have ever wondered what Drag Race season 6 star Milk, nee Daniel Donigan, looks like out of drag, then wonder no more.

Many of you who follow the “Legen-dairy” queen may have already seen what he looks like without make-up, but last week he gave fans so much more.

Theater Review: "Marjorie Prime"

Dee Maaske & Elaine Rivkin in “Marjorie Prime."

The future is here. One thing it has brought us is drones, a “sanitized” way to kill by machine without dirtying human hands.

Moving documentary reunites Madonna's 'Truth or Dare' dancers

"Truth or Dare" dancers are profiled in moving new documentary.

It’s been 25 years since Madonna went on her Blonde Ambition tour and subsequently the movie “Truth or Dare” hit theaters to critical praise.

Now the dancers in that film are returning to the theater in their own documentary called “Strike a Pose,” which details their trials and tribulations before and after the tour curtains closed.