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Watch the extended trailer for 'Will & Grace'

The road to the reboot of Will & Grace has had a long and questionable one filled with doubts, unconfirmed gossip and casting speculation.

But that’s all over now as the show is scheduled to return in an all new season on September 28.

The gang is back and they seem to be as caustic as ever, if not more so, as expressed in the extended clip below.

Movie Review: “Rumble”

Rockin’ with Native Americans!

In 1907, the U.S. government commissioned the taping of Native American music, convinced their cultures and music would not survive.

Theater Review: “The North Plan”

Daren Scott & Samantha Ginn

If you ever feared a hostile takeover of the U.S. government, a viewing of ion theatre’s latest offering – Jason Wells’ “The North Plan” – will ease your mind and tickle your funny bone on the way to horrifying you.

Kathy Griffin: 'I am no longer sorry'

The comedian says she is no longer sorry for the stunt she pulled holding up a mock Trump severed head late last May.

Three months ago comedienne Kathy Griffin gave a tearful apology to members of the press after she held up a bloody head in effigy of President Trump the day before. 

Today she rescinded those words.

'Jenny Jones' gay-panic killer out early on parole

Jonathan Schmitz on the "Jenny Jones" show just before he killed Scott Amedure with a shotgun.

Long before camera crews followed people around in their everyday lives to make them the train wreck celebrities of reality television, shows such as “Jerry Springer” and “Sally Jessie” put the drama on stage in what was deemed “Trash TV,” but for one of these programs it turned deadly in 1995.

Could Cher be guest starring in "American Horror Story?"

The cast of American Horror Story and iconic singer Cher.

Rumors are flying around social media that Cher may have a guest appearance on this season of American Horror Story: Cult.

Although none of this can be confirmed, the genesis of the rumor started this past Saturday when the cast of AHS went to see the legendary singer perform at her Vegas show.