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Academy Awards fashion: Winners and losers

It’s Oscar night, the big event in which all the stars come out to celebrate their year’s achievements – and we little folk gather around our TVs to pass judgment on their fashion.

Oscar predictions offer tips to top races

Will “Avatar” triumph at the Academy Awards? Will Sandra Bullock win her first Oscar? SDNN movie critic David Elliott picks the likeliest winners as well as the most and least deserving. See if you agree.

Openly gay BBC host found dead

Beloved British television host Kristian Digby, who was openly gay, was found dead on Monday in his East London home by his ex-boyfriend.

Grammy winner Jason Mraz visits The Center

Grammy winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz stops by The Center to discuss the latest developments in the fight for equality and how he is getting involved locally.

‘American Idol’ Top 24 didn’t exactly soar

Review with video: "American Idol" viewers like SDNN's Kelly Lin don’t just want someone who can sing well. They also want someone who is original. Will Season 9 deliver?