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‘American Idol’ Top 24 didn’t exactly soar

Review with video: "American Idol" viewers like SDNN's Kelly Lin don’t just want someone who can sing well. They also want someone who is original. Will Season 9 deliver?

Out, gay, black actor: What Black History Month means to me

Even then, we were not too young to look out the window and realize that it was the dead of winter; February being the worst month of the year in Maryland, and of course, they were going to give it to the black people.

‘The Ghost Writer,’ ‘Cop Out’ plus more movie reviews

“Cop Out” is a comedy (not much) about cops (of a sort). Paul (Tracy Morgan) and Jimmy (Bruce Willis) bumble and buddy-buzz around Brooklyn, chasing generic scumballs while healing their mildly hurt, macho hearts (their women are love objects, but emotionally the film only exists in the male partnership).

Was Emily Dickinson gay?

Author Jerome Charyn says Emily Dickinson's story and “music” is in her poetry, but it was her letters that spoke the loudest to him. It was these letters that gave Charyn the courage and guidance he needed to step into her “voice.”

Interview with a Ballet Dancer

The troupe travels around the world, performing a rather comedic ballet. Each member of the all male company performs both male and female parts - a drag ballet, if you will.