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Kim Davis running for re-election

Kim Davis wants to remain Rowan County Clerk and will hit the campaign trail herself.

That defender of opposite-sex marriage, Kim Davis, is going to try and get re-elected to her post as Rowan Kentucky’s County Clerk in 2018.

She has been out of the news lately, but in light of some of the things happening to conservatives in politics lately, this may be one race to sit back and watch.

Funny church signage is a loaded sermon

Accidental marquee message is a mouthful of funny.

There is plenty of salty humor in most of us, but this Baptist Church marquee in Edgewater, Florida may have been a little more savory than intended.

The Bella Villa Baptist Church, like many religious establishments, address the week’s sermon in witty puns that are meant to entice people to fill up their pews, but in this instance, it had people doing a spit-take.

Cohen explains 'I don't know her' remark toward Kathy Griffin

Andy Cohen addresses Kathy Griffin's accusations.

Andy Cohen of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” was at the receiving end of serious shade from Kathy Griffin last week. She created a video response which claimed the talk show host had offered her “blow” just before he was set to interview her on air.

Theater Review: "Zoo Story"

“Zoo Story” runs through November 12, 2017 at Pioneer Park, 1521 Washington Place in Mission Hills.

Edward Albee, one of America’s finest playwrights, died a year ago. In honor of the 60th anniversary of his first play, San Diego Actors Theatre presents “Zoo Story” through Nov. 12 in a very fitting place: Pioneer Park in Mission Hills. Patricia Elmore Costa directs.

Theater Review: “On Golden Pond”

“On Golden Pond” plays through November 5, 2017 at Welk Resort Theatre San Diego, 8860 Lawrence Welk Drive, Escondido. 

A frayed father-daughter bond and the problems of aging are the concerns of Ernest Thompson’s “On Golden Pond,” presented by Broadway Vista Theater and playing in a short run through Nov. 5 at Welk Resort Theatre in Escondido. 

One Million Moms boycott Disney's "Andi Mack" TV show

The coming out storyline in Disney's tween series "Andi Mack" has One Million Moms calling for a boycott.

You knew it was only a matter of time before “family-friendly” organization and the purveyors of censorship One Million Moms (1MM) would have a melt-down over the recent decision by Disney Channel to include a coming-out story arc in their popular tween kids show “Andi Mack.”

Theater Review: "Of Mice and Men"

L-R (front) Wallace Bruce, Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, L-R (back) John Greenleaf, Justin Lang, Max Macke J. Stephen Brantley, Jacob Sidney

It’s impossible to leave a production of John Steinbeck’s Depression-era “Of Mice and Men” unmoved by the plight of those itinerant farmworkers whose lives are determined not by their will but by time and nature, requiring backbreaking work and frequent moves.  

Republican mayor does drag, not everyone approves

Republican Mayor Derek Easterling werks to raise coins for a worthy cause, some not happy about it.

Georgia Mayor Derek Easterling who oversees Kennesaw (pop. 29,783) will do almost anything that will help a good cause including dressing in drag, but some people didn’t find it amusing.