NYC Artist Captures Self Evident Truths in LGBTQ Faces

Photojournalist, iO Tillet-Wright, makes her contribution to this generation's civil rights movement with "Self Evident Truths" photo campaign.

Born and raised in New York City, iO Tillet-Wright is a young artist on an ambitious quest to make a photographic record of LGBTQ America today.

"My aim is to take a simple portrait of anyone who is anything other than 100 percent straight or feels like they fall on the LGBTQ spectrum in any way," says Tillet-Wright. "My goal is to show the humanity that exists in every one of us through the simplicity of a face."

The HRC is sponsoring the project which has already taken some 300 portrait photographs in New York City thus far. Tillett-Wright plans to take the project across the nation, photographing faces in 25 U.S. cities through a series of three inter-state road trips.

From the Self Eveident Project website: I started this project last year as part of an exhibition called Manifest Equality. ... Eventually we'll launch several large exhibitions ... make a book, and hopefully a documentary about people's stories along the way.

About the artist: iO Tillett Wright is an artist whose work focuses on the leading margins of contemporary life and culture. Her photography is regularly featured on two blogs at the New York Times: Notes from the Underground and The Low Down. She had her first solo show at Fuse gallery in NYC in 2010 and will exhibit her latest work at Vacant gallery in Tokyo in late 2011. She has published one limited edition book of photographs, Lose My Number, which is presently sold out. iO has directed several music videos, and worked as a professional film actor for 19 years, in addition to founding the world’s first nationally distributed street art magazine.

Self Evident Truths from Self Evident Truths on Vimeo.

Mary Buckheit is a freelance journalist based in San Diego. A long-time columnist and correspondent for ESPN, her essays have also appeared on NPR, Boston Spirit Magazine, FlawLes Magazine, and Follow her on Twitter @MaryBside.