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Survey indicates most gay men can't access basic HIV services

A new survey of more than 5,000 participants worldwide indicates that the majority of men who have sex with men globally find it difficult or impossible to access HIV testing, HIV counseling, free condoms and free lubricant.

Released to coincide with World Aids Day, the preliminary findings underscored the importance of universal access to HIV prevention and treatment, a central theme of this year’s World Aids Day observance.

Initial analysis of the survey’s results indicates that fewer than half of homosexual men worldwide have access to even the most basic HIV prevention and services. Of all respondents, only 39 percent reported easy access to free condoms and barely one in four reported easy access to free lubricant. A full 25 percent said free lubricant was completely unavailable. Large percentages of men reported that it was difficult or impossible to access other essential services as well, including HIV testing (57%), HIV education materials (66%) and HIV treatment (70%).

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