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Boot~ique: Work your tush while taking in the sights and sounds of America's Finest City

SAN DIEGO -- Last February, Jaylin Allen and her husband packed up their belongings and made the big jump from Boston to San Diego in search of warmer weather. Despite the region's unusual weather year, they have not been disappointed.

Allen may have left her personal trainer job behind, but she didn't waste any time getting established here in San Diego. In fact, she literally hit the ground running, launching Boot~ique Fitness and her first boot camp class, just a couple weeks after her arrival.

Her disposition is always upbeat and positive, supportive, she is clearly interested in the health of each of her clients and no one ever feels intimidated or judged.

That may be because Allen's own first experience with a "boot camp style" physical training program came with a female Marine at the helm. It was a tough experience, but one she says that taught her what not to do and how not to be.

That is clear from all the testimonials on her website.

"She is the perfect blend of trainer, teacher, therapist and friend," said Elizabeth, 68.

Boot~ique - a different kind of camp

Three times per week (Mon, Wed & Fri) Allen runs her 45 minute boot camp sessions (or outdoor fitness classes, as she likes to call them) in various locations in and around downtown San Diego (Marina, Hillcrest/Balboa Park, La Jolla Shores, and Mission Bay Park). Each spot was chosen for its scenic location and logistical manageability.

Allen says you can drop-in for a day, join for a just a month, or commit for a whole year, but a very unique difference between her boot camp program compared to others around the county is that the classes are fluid: There is no specific start or end date. No one has to wait to get started and you don't have to worry about missing a class - flexibility is key.

Monthly and yearly participants can come as often as they want during the week and can even attend multiple times per day, if they wish. Those who go for the year long commitment will get added bonuses, which include stair classes and other discounts, offers and surprises.

Another difference from others in the boot camp genre is that in each of Allen's boot camp classes, there are varying levels of difficulty. Each of her boot campers follow a natural progression at their own pace, within each class. This allows new participants to start out easy and gradually work their way up, while those who've been attending for months can continue to advance according to their own capabilities.

"No one is perfect everyday," Allen explained. "Some days they can go hard, sometimes they need to pull back - adding to the need for a variety of intensity levels in class - and no one will feel left out or left behind."

For the new year, Allen is reaching out to those who have demanding schedules, have difficulty with diets, find themselves tired, over-worked and stressed, are intimidated by meat-locker gyms, or tend to continually procrastinate - to come try her boot camp. She guarantees you will find success.

A class will consist of a full-body workout, starting with a warm-up, then 5, 10 and 15 minute circuits that include cardio and strength training, plus a special challenge for everyone at each class.

"I definitely enjoy the outside boot camps, it offers more creativity," she said.

Allen admits that her own interest in fitness originally started because she was never good at sports and was always the last one called on the playground. With fitness, she found her niche and her passion; and she fully understands those who have challenges and she wants to help. Her husband shares her passion and is also on board as the company's nutrition specialist.

Although her classes are open to both men and women of all ages, a co-ed session offered last year didn't have enough people to sustain it. She hopes to launch another co-ed session in 2011 - and maybe even a offer a session for all gay men - if she can drum up enough interest.

Boot~ique adds variety to your workout

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Allen also offers her clients other ways to work-out, to add variety and keep her clients motivated and accountable on their "off " days.

  • Stair workouts - at the San Diego Convention Center
  • Zumba - a popular, Latin inspired, new method of dance fitness

According to the Boot~ique website, Zumba:

allows you to forget that you are working out. Get swept up in the fun of moving and dancing to Latin and other international dance styles in this class designed with easy to follow moves that will keep your heart pumping and your metabolism burning. This innovative dance-based fitness class uses a mix of fast and slow rhythms to create an interval style program that will help you shed fat easier and quicker.

Allen's popular Zumba classes are lead by independent instructors and take place at the Mind Body Soul Dance Studio on the edge of Little Italy (on India Street), where Allen rents indoor space.

Charity work with a kick

Another way Allen has put a unique twist on her fitness model is by getting her clients involved in charity work while staying in shape.

Her current benefactor is Kids Included Together (KIT). KIT "specializes in providing best practices training for community–based organizations committed to including children with and without disabilities into their recreational, child development and youth development programs."

Last year, Allen raised funs for KIT by taking $50 from every person's dues during one month and donating them to the charity. This year, she hopes to raise more funds for KIT with a special Saturday bootcamp, a teen bootcamp and other special events. It is her way of giving back

About Jaylin Allen

Jaylin Allen is the President and head trainer of Boot~ique Fitness. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, educator, coach, expert on weight loss and wellness, Functional Movement Specialist and a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), with over twelve years experience in the fitness industry. She brings a new philosophy to training by combining self empowerment with real and noticeable results.

For more information about Boot~ique schedules, locations, prices, required apparel and more, visit their website. You can also follow Boot~ique on Facebook.

Stay tuned because Jaylin Allen will soon be joining San Diego Gay & Lesbian News as a Health and Fitness columnist, sharing her expertise on a bi-weekly basis.