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Last week to participate in "Women's Global Sex Survey"

BLOOMINGTON, IND -- The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at the University of Indiana Bloomington has been churning away at the survey responses to their Women's Global Sex Study for months, and they are just about to wrap it up.

Indiana University Bloomington is one of the leading public research universities in the United States and the flagship campus of Indiana University's eight campuses statewide.

In collaboration with GaydarGirls, researchers have been conducting a study on "the sexual beliefs and behaviors of women who have experienced or currently experience sexual attraction, desire, affection, intention towards or sexual behavior towards - other women."

Gay men were involved in a separate study, but researchers have plenty of feedback from the men and have now closed that survey.

They need more data from women to get a much broader and clearer picture before publishing their results in the coming months. San Diego Gay & Lesbian News will be announcing the results as soon as they are complete.

The point of the survey is to promote better and safer sex between women, by understanding their sex lives in and out of the bedroom. Most studies today base their models on heterosexual women. This is the first attempt at reaching the "largest, most diverse data on the sexual lives between women in contemporary history!"

Results of the data collected will be used by sexual educators and medical professionals - to promote pleasure and help women identify and protect themselves from risks.

In the end, the results should lead to happier, healthier and safer sex between women.

Originally scheduled to close in November, researchers extended the women's survey end-date because data continued to trickle in. However, they plan to close the door for good on this survey on Thursday, January 27th - so don't delay!

Make your voice heard today. There is even a special coupon as compensation for your time.

To participate in the survey, click HERE.