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Boot~ique: Five foods to avoid for flat abs - plus - name our bootcamp and win!

These foods are pumped with sugar, fat, and lots of calories -- a few things you must avoid if you are wanting to keep your energy up during the day, but your calorie count down.

1. Pretzels

They seem to be the perfect little snack on the go … and what makes them seem even better is the "low-fat" claiming label.

Sure they are "low-fat," but what they neglected to mention is how high in processed white flour these snacks are.

On top of that, they really contain no protein and when you are looking for a healthy snack protein is an essential. So next time, try to pack something healthier in your zip-lock. Perhaps some fruit and nuts!

2. Protein, Granola, or Candy Bars

The amount of corn-syrup found in these bad boys is shocking. Even though they contain protein, which is a plus, the rest is unnecessary ingredients to be putting into your body.

3. Pastries

In the morning, it can be so simple and convenient to grab a scone or muffin loaded with fruits.

Beware of what else that morning delight is loaded with … it will get you into trouble. Aside from the fruit in these pastries, they are filled with sugars, calories, and carbs. None of which are your friends.

4. Burgers and Ice Cream

Sometimes it is just too easy to fall into the trap of these types of food, especially after you have a good workout. But be very cautious of the foods you decide to reward yourself with; choosing one high in fat could undo your entire workout.

5. Lattes and Cappuccinos

I know this is the one you probably do not want to hear but there is just no denying it.

The truth is, your favorite caffeine fix is loaded with sugar and fat that is completely unnecessary in your diet. So next time, instead of getting your usual, try some green tea. It still has the caffeine -- just not all the other junk.

Name our Boot Camp!

We're holding a contest to name our boot camp. The winner will receive a $20 gift card to Envy Sportswear, a local boutique for high performance women's athletic wear.

We are looking for something short and catchy that says "female focus, empowering, strong powerful, inviting, non-intimidating, fast, quick, efficient, fun..." 

To enter:

1. Click HERE to go to the Bootique Fitness Facebook page.

2. Choose to LIKE our page.

3. Leave your suggestion as a post on our wall.

Deadline is March 1st.

The winner will be notified via private message on Facebook.

QUESTIONS? Email me. Good luck!

Jaylin Allen is a local Fitness Expert in San Diego, known for getting her clients in shape in record time through her popular "Boot Camps For Women" and "Zumba" classes. For more information about Jaylin, fitness, or her classes, be sure to check out Bootique Fitness or call 619.602.8087. You can also email her at bootique.jay@bootiquefitness.com