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Two years later, Sherri Murrell still the only openly gay Division I coach

Editor's Note: Although this story was originally published in The Oregonian on July 18th, Coach Murrell's story is not only courageous, but timeless, and one we feel is important to pass on to our readers.

Sometime in summer 2009, Ryan Borde asked Portland State women's basketball coach Sherri Murrell if she wanted a family photo added to the team media guide. Sure, she said. The assistant media relations director uploaded to the athletics website a snapshot of Murrell and her partner, Rena Shuman, each holding one of their blond toddler twins, Rylan and Halle, and quickly forgot about it.

That image reverberated nationwide. Already out to people she knew, Murrell became known as the only publicly gay coach in Division I women's basketball.

Two years later, despite an expanding era of openly gay mayors, clergy, even an NBA team president, Murrell still stands alone. She is bemused by the notion that there is but one gay coach in a sport long known to have lesbian players and leaders, and saddened that no colleague has felt safe to follow her.

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