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Simple interval training workout

My last two articles were geared towards getting you moving or into a gym. Stepping through those doors and dedicating an hour to your own health pursuits.

A great way to spike your metabolism, increasing your resting metabolic rate (how many calories you burn just resting), is by adding in Sprint Intervals.

Think of it as something you can perform with large portions of the body (Air Squats not Biceps Curl) at maximal effort. Pick simple moves at first until you gain confidence and form.

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Weapons of undoing

I like to be held too.

I like thinking that there’s some sort of system behind it all and I will be taken care of by some universal good-people-good-things-happen law.

But there’s a time when the comforts become the weapons that may be our undoing.

Fast food is cheap, and easy, and I’m genuinely busy.

I worked nine hours which leaves five hours to get dinner, have a social life, watch Game of Thrones, run an errand, be intimate with my boyfriend and take a shower; I don’t have time to workout.

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Three steps so you won't feel lost at the gym

It's no great revelation that the very act of stepping into the gym is one of the hardest parts. I can't tell you how many naps I've taken in my car at the parking lot of the gym.

It's like my mind throws a switch and makes me so sleepy that working out seems impossible.

But if you can just step inside you'll already feel better about yourself no matter what you do once there.

But what do we do once there?

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You don't have to diet-torture yourself after the new year

How many posts and stories have you heard since the 1st about all the things people aren't eating/drinking for a month?

I'm all for a "cleanse" or anything that gets you back on track. But if what you're returning back to once this abstention ends is what got you here to begin with, you haven't actually accomplished much. The way you were is waiting for you.

What if, instead of making the things you want into forbidden fruits, you taught yourself how to have them in your life in a healthy manner?

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Christmas cookie realness

Are five cookies a viable post-workout meal? Not exactly, but it's Christmas and I had my gluten pills handy so bring it on.

This is a treat that comes around yearly and participating in the holiday fun is something I really look forward to.

There's a time to be stringent in terms of diet and then there's time for five cookies. The rest of the way you eat needs to consistently stand apart from these breaks in form though. If the line is too often eating five cookies three days in row, then the treat is a habit and we're gaining weight.

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Are we just a pic and a profile?

I don’t need to tell you, but the world we operate in is not as it was just a mere ten years back. Images through social media and our camera phones have linked us to each other not just by our identity, but our “profile”.

What and who I am is so much deeper than the image I have to offer. I think it’s safe to bet you feel the same way?

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Like a starved dog's logic about bones; HUNGER

I need meat-I go to the grocery and buy it clean, packaged and ready. I need a new shirt quick for the event I forgot about-I go to Top Man at the the mall and grab one. I want a date-I go on Tindr. I want a screw-I go on Scruff (not really but I know people).

It's easy to expect prompt results in a society of such convenience.

But there's a paradigm shift that needs to happen in how many of us think of our bodies and our long term health.

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Porking out without filling out

With the weather finally showing some signs that it’s fall--it may not be the Global Warming End of Days after all--I immediately start thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I love eating more than is probably normal and this time of year suits me well with all the social gatherings based around food.

So how do we have a normal life during the holidays and still not loose track of our health and fitness goals?

Our bodies convert extra calories into fat very easily.

None of us are getting out of here alive.

None of us are getting out of here alive.

If this game ends the same for us all, then what we do with our time is monumentally important. But by whose standards are we measuring our efforts?

I don't own a home. I'm not married. I quit college after five years of changing majors and acquiring debt. Oh, and I'm gay. This is a failure to what I grew up learning was my goal.

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Walking is not the exercise you think it is

As a personal trainer, it seems as though people feel the need to treat me like a priest in a confessional; following up their crappy health confession with a qualifying statement like, “But I did go on a walk yesterday at least.”

We are a creative and resourceful species (…uh most of us) that can come up with some great excuses to get out of uncomfortable situations like working out, paying bills, using protection.

You might not like this, but walking isn’t really a workout.