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Like a starved dog's logic about bones; HUNGER

I need meat-I go to the grocery and buy it clean, packaged and ready. I need a new shirt quick for the event I forgot about-I go to Top Man at the the mall and grab one. I want a date-I go on Tindr. I want a screw-I go on Scruff (not really but I know people).

It's easy to expect prompt results in a society of such convenience.

But there's a paradigm shift that needs to happen in how many of us think of our bodies and our long term health.

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Porking out without filling out

With the weather finally showing some signs that it’s fall--it may not be the Global Warming End of Days after all--I immediately start thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I love eating more than is probably normal and this time of year suits me well with all the social gatherings based around food.

So how do we have a normal life during the holidays and still not loose track of our health and fitness goals?

Our bodies convert extra calories into fat very easily.

None of us are getting out of here alive.

None of us are getting out of here alive.

If this game ends the same for us all, then what we do with our time is monumentally important. But by whose standards are we measuring our efforts?

I don't own a home. I'm not married. I quit college after five years of changing majors and acquiring debt. Oh, and I'm gay. This is a failure to what I grew up learning was my goal.

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Walking is not the exercise you think it is

As a personal trainer, it seems as though people feel the need to treat me like a priest in a confessional; following up their crappy health confession with a qualifying statement like, “But I did go on a walk yesterday at least.”

We are a creative and resourceful species (…uh most of us) that can come up with some great excuses to get out of uncomfortable situations like working out, paying bills, using protection.

You might not like this, but walking isn’t really a workout.

Bike to Work Day postponed due to rain

SAN DIEGO, California -- SANDAG officials announced Thursday that Bike to Work Day activities scheduled for Friday will be postponed.

The heavy rains and thunderstorms in the forecast across the San Diego region Friday could create unsafe bike riding conditions, according to SANDAG spokesman Ian Monahan. They have rescheduled Friday, May 15 morning and evening commuter activities for Friday, May 29.

Read the full story on Fox 5 San Diego HERE.

Bike to Work Day is Friday

SAN DIEGO, California -- Bike to Work Day is a national event celebrated annually in the United States on the third Friday in May as part of National Bike Month. This year's event is scheduled for Friday, May 15.

Bike to Work Day was originated by the League of American Bicyclists in 1956 to increase public interest in bicycling and to promote it as an alternative for commuting to work.

First trans model may grace Men's Health cover in November

Men’s Health magazine is currently looking for their November cover, it seems they may have found one in transgender model Aydian Dowling; a first for the fitness monthly.

The muscular Dowling takes care of his body and is very proud to be in the running for the front of the periodical. It seems that readers are also in support of his strapping physique, giving him the edge with nearly 25,000 online votes.

A woman complains to Planet Fitness about a transgender member, and how they respond

Planet Fitness says its staff stood by the company mantra of being a "Judgement Free Zone" when they canceled the membership of a woman who "inappropriately" responded to the presence of a transgender woman in the locker room.

Adam Winter Lifestyle to host open house fundraiser for AIDS Walk San Diego

SAN DIEGO, California -- Adam Winter Lifestyle will host its second annual studio open house celebration and fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 13 from 3-6 pm.

The event will include tours of the studio, free chair massages, samples of healthy foods, and more. There will also be a silent auction benefiting the AWL Team's fundraising efforts for AIDS Walk San Diego.

Next CicloSDias event to take place in Hillcrest in November

SAN DIEGO, California -- The San Diego Bike Coalition (SDBC) will host the city’s third CicloSDias event taking place in Hillcrest on Sunday, Nov. 9 from 10 am to 3 pm.

Certain streets in the Hillcrest neighborhood will be closed to automobiles that day and be open to anyone not in a car, whether it be on foot, bicycle, skates or other non-motorized forms of transportation.

SDBC officials said they anticipate that this event will greatly benefit local businesses as the community will be free of automobile congestion.