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College wrestling champion comes out

Former Ohio State NCAA champion wrestler Mike Pucillo opened up about his sexuality in a new interview with Open Mat's Jason Bryant.

Michael Sam: “I am not the only gay person in the NFL”

DALLAS, Texas -- Michael Sam is the only person to be drafted by the National Football League as an openly gay player, but he tells the media that he isn't alone.

Sam was drafted in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL draft by the St. Louis Rams, but never played in a regular season game. He was cut, then later picked up by the Dallas Cowboys. He eventually was cut by the Cowboys after never appearing in a game.

But Sam attended the NFL Veterans Combine last weekend in Tucson and hopes to get another chance to play professional football. He is a defensive end.

NCAA voices concern after Indiana enacts bill allowing businesses to reject gay customers

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana -- The NCAA issued a statement Thursday saying it would “closely examine the implications” of a bill signed into law by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that allows the state’s businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of “religious freedom.”

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova stunned no male tennis player has come out

When Martina Navratilova revealed to the world that she was bisexual, way back in 1981, she endured a barrage of criticism and had to lose out on millions of dollars as many sponsors boycotted her.

Navratilova believed the decision was a wise one as she hoped it would inspire other athletes come out of the closet. However, 34 years on, while Navratilova has become one of the biggest icons for gay rights, she lamented the fact that not many athletes, especially tennis players, took her lead.

UMass guard Derrick Gordon says coming out let him focus on game

University of Massachusetts guard Derrick Gordon became a better basketball player and a better teammate this season, and he credits both to having the courage to play as an openly gay man.

Gordon became the first openly gay player in men's Division I college basketball when he came out last year, and it changed his life for the better in every way. He said he was unburdened on and off the court.

Mission Valley named best site for new Chargers multi-use stadium

SAN DIEGO, California -- The Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group (CSAG) announced today that the Mission Valley site is the best choice for a new multi-use stadium.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer had asked the committee to choose between the Downtown site and the Mission Valley site, which is where Qualcomm Stadium is located.

The committee listed 8 reasons why it selected the Mission Valley site, and it announced its decision this morning at a news conference at Qualcomm Stadium.

Ireland: Worshippers walk out on priest who criticizes sport star's stance on gay marriage

ANNAGRY, Ireland -- Some members of a Catholic congregation in Ireland walked out of a Mass in protest at a priest’s views on gay marriage and his comments on an All-Ireland winning gaelic footballer.

Indian-born Carmelite priest Father John Britto spoke in favor of a "no" vote during the weekend sermon in Annagry, west Donegal, criticizing Donegal footballer Eamon McGee who backs the "yes" camp in the marriage equality referendum set for May 22.

Father Britto said he didn’t see anyone leave during the sermon.

South Dakota: Senate rejects attempt to change transgender athlete policy

PIERRE, South Dakota — The full South Dakota Senate opted not to take up a proposal that would void a South Dakota High School Activities Association policy on transgender student participation in sports.

Senators rejected an attempt Tuesday to put up for discussion the bill that was rejected in committee.

The association's policy was adopted in June. It requires schools to review requests by transgender students or their guardians to decide on which team the student can participate. A committee then would make the final ruling.

Craig James says support of gay marriage by Patriots shows "that’s Satan working on us"

Jets fans have long suspected that Satan is calling the shots in New England, and former Patriots running back Craig James has now confirmed their fears.

During an interview Friday on Family Research Council president Tony Perkins' radio show, James said he believes the devil himself inspired his former team to sign an amicus brief urging the United States Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage.

Man injured in freak bat accident throws ceremonial first pitch for softball league

POWAY, California - A local man who suffered brain damage after a freak bat accident threw the ceremonial first pitch for the opening day of his softball league Sunday.

Mike Petracca was not able to play but was in uniform to cheer on his team, Firestorm.

"It was nice to throw the ball for the first time and happy to see my team and everyone play," he told 10News.