Nested Lez: What a Crazy Ride It's Been

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Have you ever had one of those days when it seems like you are constantly on the move? You know the ones where you have what seems like a million different things that you need to get done. I'm sure you have. Well, I just had a month of those days.

November was a crazy month for me.

The first week of the month, I had the privilege of playing on the Jiai Aikido team in the ASANA World Series in Las Vegas. Besides getting a chance to play in the series, the really cool thing was this team was comprised of members of Jiai Aikido, Kamikazes, and Pet Me Please (my usual team). It was an awesome chance to play with people that I typically play against during the regular season. Although we didn't make it to the last day of games, I think we put in a valiant effort, especially given the fact that we didn't have any substitutes (to give us a break during the day). We also came together quite nicely as a team. There were no egos – we were just a group of women who all love the game and were willing to support each other and even learn from each other. Thank you Kami-Jia-Pets!

I remained in Las Vegas the following week for PubCon, a search and social media conference and expo. During this weeklong conference, I learned about industry updates, socialized with people I already knew, and networked with new people. It was a fun time and smart business decision. However, by the end of the week, I was done with Vegas. The only thing I knew I would miss about it was the Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

When I returned home, I needed to try to catch up with work – I was able to complete some work during my time in Vegas, but things still piled up.

In addition to a mound of work, I had another problem: my legs. During the World Series – the day after I gave a long speech about why I do not slide during softball – I slid … twice. I managed to not only remove most of the skin from the bottom half of my leg, I also aggravated an existing issue with my IT band (which was not helped by my solo drive to and from Vegas). As my week at home progressed, the pain persisted. In any other case, I would have just dealt with the pain until it went away. However, that Friday morning, I was going to start The 3-Day for a Cure. You know – the breast cancer event in which you walk 60 miles over 3 days. So, I needed my legs to feel better. After a lot of stretching, two trips to the chiropractor during the week, and 60-minute leg massage on Thursday evening, I felt like I had a chance to make it through the walk.

Remember the weekend before Thanksgiving when it poured in San Diego? Yes, that was the weekend of The 3-Day. Thankfully Friday was rain-free and my team and I made it through the day. The rest of the weekend was a bit more trying. The wind roared and we were hit with downpours of rain and even some sleet. We wore plastic rain ponchos and covered our feet with everything from booties to garbage bags – anything to try to keep them dry. Saturday and Sunday could have been miserable days, but thankfully we had a couple of sets of "boob supporters" who brought us hot chocolate, coffee, soup, towels, various other items, and tons of support. (Thank you ladies!) We even had an impromptu dance session to "Baby Got Back" in the middle of the sidewalk on Park Boulevard. Despite the rain, the entire experience was amazing and we have already signed up to walk next year!

After recovering from our long weekend (yes, another massage was involved), we had a short workweek and then celebrated Thanksgiving with Julie's family. Even with my crazy month, I had a lot to be thankful for: my beautiful, loving wife, a wonderful support system of friends and family, the opportunity to work for myself doing something I enjoy, and my health. November 2010 was a crazy month, but I am looking for more adventures this month and throughout 2011! Happy holidays everyone! Have fun ringing in 2011! Until next year!