All American Gender Outlaw screening at Landmark Nov. 19

Writer/director Cheri Lovedog's latest film - All American Gender Outlaw - makes its San Diego debut this Saturday at midnight at Landmark Theatre. The film tackles transgender roles and relationships with family, taking an unconventional look at sex, gender, religion and love etiquette... or lack thereof.

Lovedog's previous works include Prey for Rock and Roll featuring Gina Gershon and Drea DeMatteo and Hollywood Trash and Tinsel.

All American Gender Outlaw is the story of Johnny, who was disowned by his family for his choices in love and accessories, and who built a good life for himself in Santa Cruz with the support of his devoted and loving girlfriend Nico. When his sister Ellen, (who is fond of masturbation followed by a guilt-induced session of self-mutilation), who is married to Jake, (who is fond of quoting the bible as well as freestyle bible interpretation), calls and leaves a brief phone message letting Johnny know their mother died, he decides, against the wishes of his girlfriend that they will attend the funeral.

Armed with a nice vintage suit and a wicked sense of humor, Johnny braves his home town of Fresno and dodges dogma in one last attempt to reconnect with his family and inspire them to "Love Thy Brother."

Friday, November 18th, 8:15PM @ The Palms Bar in West Hollywood.
Saturday, November 19th, Midnight @ the Landmark Theatres in Hillcrest.

Tickets are $10 in advance, and $15 at the door.

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