Stonewall Inn will officially be recognized as National Monument

The Stonewall Inn will be a protected national landmark.

President Obama will designate New York’s historic Stonewall Inn as a National Monument, the White House said today. 

The building located at 53 Christopher St, has long been known as the birthplace of the Gay Rights Movement, and its designation today makes it the first such protected LGBT national park to honor those efforts.

Father of Orlando victim allegedly refuses to claim son's body

Father of Orlando victim cannot accept his son's sexuality, refuses to claim his body.

Within 72 hours Florida coroners identified all the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando that took 49 innocent lives.

But one fatality, whose name is being withheld out of respect for his privacy, was reportedly refused by his father because he didn’t approve of his homosexuality.

Metal detectors will be used at SD Pride Music Festival for the first time

San Diego Pride Music Festival (2015)

It was announced by Pride officials today that the 2016 San Diego Pride Music Festival will, for the first time in its history, have metal detectors at all entrances; pop star Kesha is the scheduled headliner for that event. 

Officials say they will also have more lines to keep things moving and provide shortened  wait times.

Democrats stage sit-in on House floor over gun control

Democrats stage sit-in on House floor until they are allowed to be heard on gun control.

Democratic leader John Lewis is approaching the subject of gun control in a way that harkens back to the peacful protests of the 60’s.

The Georgia Congressman has staged a sit-in on the House floor with other Democrats in an effort to send a message to Congress that there is a dire need for gun reform.