Vandal goes on windshield-smashing rampage in Hillcrest this afternoon

Multiple cars parked along University were damaged when a man began smashing windshields with a rock.

Many vehicles were damaged this afternoon when a vandal began smashing the windshields of parked cars at the 900 block of University Avenue in Hillcrest.

The suspect, Owen McHugh, a man police describe as being in his 30’s, approximately 5’10” with a thin build, was located immediately after officers arrived on the scene.

UK asylum seeker needs even more proof he's gay

Valerie Ediage seeks asylum in the UK, but The Home Office needs more proof he's gay.

An asylum seeker who left his country of Cameroon to settle in the UK says he fears that he will be deported because The Home Office says they don't have enough evidence to prove he is gay.

Valerie Ediage, 30, who lives in West Bromwich arrived in England six years ago, fleeing his homeland for fear that if he were to remain there, he would be imprisoned or worse. 

More protests planned today for El Cajon shooting

Police retreat as protesters in El Cajon rally over the shooting of a black man.

More protests are planned today in El Cajon today, after an officer-involved shooting ended with the suspect dying from his injuries at the local hospital.

Many protestors were out in force last night at a strip mall on Broadway. They were met with a few officers in riot gear and canine units.

Portland Taxi Co. fires homophobic driver

Portland Taxi Co. fires homophobic driver.

The Portland Taxi Company that allegedly supported a driver’s decision to stop in front of a local LGBT bar last Tuesday and berate its patrons with homophobic fire and brimstone has been dismissed according to local news station KATU.