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Vandals hit home of Chelsea King murder suspect’s mother

SAN DIEGO -- The Rancho Bernardo home of John Gardner’s mother was vandalized Tuesday night.

Gardner pleaded not guilty Wednesday on charges of rape and murder in connection with the death of Poway teen Chelsea King.

Large red letters were painted on the garage door at his mother’s house that read “Chelseas (sic) blood is on you. Move out.”

The house on Matinal Road in Rancho Bernardo’s Westwood development is where murder suspect John Gardner had been staying in the days before his arrest.

A confrontation broke out Wednesday morning between some neighbors and an unidentified person who was trying to paint over the red letters.

The message has now been painted over.

Before the arraignment, the 30-year-old Lake Elsinore man was arrested on suspicion of rape and murder.

Chelsea King failed to return from a run at a San Diego park on Thursday and thousands of people were searching for her until finding a body Tuesday.