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Gay group to protest gay group breaking boycott at Manchester Grand Hyatt

SAN DIEGO – Two gay groups will be on opposite sides of a protest at the Manchester Grand Hyatt on Saturday afternoon.

The LGBT group called Sleep With The Right People! Support Hotel Workers! will be demonstrating from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. tomorrow outside the hotel at 1 Market Place in downtown San Diego.

The object of their scorn? GOProud, a national organization of gay conservatives and their allies, which is hosting a “Don’t Treat On Us” reception at the hotel featuring Fox News Channel analyst Tammy Bruce.

“Sleep” organizers via Facebook accuse GOProud of being the first LGBT group to violate the boycott of the Manchester Grand Hyatt, which was called after owner Doug Manchester poured big money into the “Yes on Prop. 8” campaign to rescind marriage equality in California.

The Facebook information from "Sleep"

Remember that $100,000 PaPa Doug Manchester offered to any LGBT group to use for fundraising/etc at the Manchester? GOProud has excepted this bribe! This tiny fringe group has come from D.C. disrepectfully violating our boycott and will be having this event at the Manchester FOR FREE!


GOPROUD will by holding a "Don't Tread on Us" Reception.
Featuring Tammy Bruce:
Fox News Channel Political Analyst,
National Radio Talk Show Host,
Best-Selling Author &
GOProud's Advisory Council Chair

From 5pm to 7pm they will be holding their reception.

This will be the first LGBT group to proudly violate our community's boycott of the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Shame on GOProud for not respecting our community! Shame on GOProud for writing a check to the Hyatt!

Check out this quote from an article on their website.

Gay, Inc - The Puppets of the Big Union Bosses

Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director, "The decision by the leadership of the gay left to support the Arizona boycott over an issue totally unrelated to gay rights shows just how beholden they are to the union bosses."

Let’s meet out front of the Manchester Grand Hyatt at 4:30pm until 5:30pm. We will have bullhorns, drums, bannesr, picket signs, etc. Let’s send them a message that San Diegans realize that unity, solidarity and coalition building only strengthen the LGBT community! The LGBT community of San Diego are not "puppets to union bosses" we are allies with union members!

Contact Michael Anderson @ 619-516-3737 ext 323 or cell 954-648-1984 or e-mail Manderson@UNITEHERE.org for more information.