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SUNDAY: SiriusXM OutQ to report on "LGBT Stories of 9/11"

NEW YORK -- SiriusXM’s LGBT channel OutQ (Channel 108) will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by reliving the events through the eyes and ears of everyday LGBT Americans affected by the tragedy and by honoring those lost within the community, including United Flight 93 hero Mark Bingham.

OutQ News anchor Tim Curran traveled to Los Gatos, Calif., this summer for an in-depth and personal conversation with Bingham’s mother Alice Hoagland conducted at her home.

Bingham, a public relations executive and rugby player, was among the passengers who fought back against his plane’s hijackers, eventually thwarting a possible attack against our nation’s capital.

Hoagland, a former flight attendant, tells Curran about coming to terms with her son’s homosexuality and recounts her only child’s final moments aboard Flight 93.

As part of the one-hour special, listeners across the country are encouraged to call in to share their personal reflections on loved ones lost and how 9/11 changed their lives.

SiriusXM OutQ's "LGBT Stories of 9/11" airs Sunday, Sept. 11, at 9 am EDT/6 am PDT on SiriusXM OutQ (Channel 108), replays that day at 1 and 8 pm EDT/10 am and 5 pm PDT.

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