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In India, sexual minorities still struggling in Bangalore

BANGALORE, India -- Lives of sexual minorities aren’t any better than they were when rights movements began in the city.

While a few communities like hijras and kothis have managed to get visibility and some form of acceptance, female-to-male transgenders are yet to get there, members of the community said. They recently launched a year-long project under the name Samara Lesbian, Bisexual Women and female-to-male Transgenders.

Funds for projects are diminishing but at the same time, the dependence on NGOs for jobs and support is strong. This has led to insecurity about the future. “They are still deprived of housing, education. There is also fear of NGOs closing down, partners leaving, unemployment. There is need to understand our strengths and think of long-terms strategies to overcome these,” said Manohar Elavarthi of Sangama.

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