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VIDEO: Australians rally for marriage equality

SYDNEY, Australia -- Thousands of Australians who support marriage equality rallied and marched through Sydney on Dec. 3 after the nation's ruling party voted in favor of same-sex marriage.

The Australian Gay and Lesbian Rally for Marriage Equality begin at Hyde Park, where political leaders and LGBT officials spoke at the rally, which was held not long after the ruling Australian Labor Party (ALP) voted to give members of Parliament (MPs) a conscience vote on the issue of gay marriage.

ALP also voted to change its policy platform on the legal definition of marriage to extend to same-sex couples and removed a ban on allowing Australians to marry in other countries.

The vote was overwhelming in support of gay marriage.

Many at the rally, however, booed ALP for allowing a conscience vote, which allows anti-gay party members to cop out on supporting same-sex marriage.