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Macon woman banned from restaurant and loses college gig

Judy Tucker assaults two female soldiers, witnesses say her son called them racial slurs.

The 72-year-old Macon Georgia woman who made headlines after she attacked two uniformed military women at a Cheddar’s restaurant faces further consequences of her actions.

Weekly circulars in Hillcrest are nothing more than "litter" claim locals

Some Hillcrest residents think community flyers should be a thing of the past.

In this paperless age of social media, when everyone gets inundated with ads online either in their newsfeeds or inbox, some wonder why plastic-bag flyers are still in existence, especially in San Diego, a city that prides itself on being environmentally progressive.

UK man claims painkillers turned him gay

Man says he turned gay after taking prescription painkiller.

Not that there is any proof that a prescribed medication can make someone gay, still, that is the claim of one UK man who says the popular prescription drug Pregabalin did just that.